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  • Bathing and skiing are worth the good winter days

    In a few days, we will have the New Year's Day holiday. This New Year's Day has only one day of holiday. If you feel that you don't have enough time to travel, a day trip to Liangdu is a good choice. Meet three or five friends, or bring the elderly and children, skiing in the bubble hot springs, not only to treat yourself for a year ... [Read more]

  • Picking strawberries on weekends, sweet taste

    It's another year of strawberry season! Isn't it particularly tempting to see a box of hardcover strawberries in the store? Is it true that you want to buy them back? But, how can the strawberries in the store be picked by yourself? Freshly picked strawberries in the strawberry garden, bite down, ... [Read more]

  • In Liangdu, there is a kind of nostalgia called "killing pig rice"

    There is a kind of nostalgia and deliciousness called pig killer rice, which is irresistible! It evokes the strong memory of his rural workers far away. Pig killer rice is a feast for farmers in the end of the year in the vast countryside of our city. The winter moon of each year is just such a season of "snap and eat", and it is also the most before the Spring Festival ... [Read more]

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