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Public announcement of the results of Liupanshui Natural Resources Bureau's public selection of staff directly under the public institution

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Liupanshui City Natural Resources Bureau has publicly selected the staff of directly-affiliated institutions for written examinations and interviews. The results (see attachment for details) are publicized, and related matters are announced as follows:

Publicity time: December 31, 2019 to January 3, 2020.

If there is any problem with the object of publicity, please report or report it to the selection team during the publicity period. The unit's official seal should be affixed in the name of the unit, and the real name, work unit, contact address, and telephone number should be signed in the name of the individual. Do not use the opportunity of publicity to fabricate facts to frame others. Once verified, they will be dealt with seriously.

Candidates who have been announced without objection will enter the medical examination according to the procedures, and the medical examination related matters will be notified separately.

Supervision phone: 0858-8222613

六盘水市自然资源局公开遴选直属事业单工作人员成绩统计表.xlsx Attachment: Liupanshui Municipal Natural Resources Bureau publicly selects the performance statistics of employees directly under the business list.xlsx

December 30, 2019

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