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The national model city for environmental protection reflects the sustainable development of a city and represents the image of a city. The successful establishment of a national model city for environmental protection symbolizes the prosperity of social civilization, rapid economic development, a virtuous cycle of ecology, rational use of resources, good environmental quality, beautiful and clean cities, comfortable and convenient living, and healthy longevity of residents. To ensure that our city successfully creates a national model city for environmental protection, it requires not only the joint efforts of governments at all levels, but also the participation, vigorous cooperation and active support of all citizens. in...

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  • Leek flat

  • Minghu

  • Fengchi

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  • Yaochi

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Organizer: Office of the Leading Group of Liupanshui to Create a National Model City for Environmental Protection Address: No. 44 Minghu Road, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui, Guizhou Province Telephone: 0858-8202302