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About this site

"China Liangdu · Liupanshui" is the portal site of Liupanshui City Government. It consists of the main station of "China Liangdu · Liupanshui", Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People's Congress, Municipal Government, CPPCC and department sub-stations. It is a comprehensive information-oriented service platform facing the public, enterprises, governments, and communities, as well as a unified platform for the city's e-government application system integration; it is an important carrier for external publicity and services of the municipal party committee and government; and an important bridge for citizens to communicate with the government . It has played an important role in accelerating the transformation of government functions, improving administrative efficiency, promoting cross-department coordination, building a standardized and service-oriented government, establishing the government's image of "for the people, convenience, and being close to the people," and enhancing the attractiveness of cities.

The website of "China Liangdu · Liupanshui" is hosted by Liupanshui Municipal People's Government of Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee and undertaken by Liupanshui Electronic Government Affairs Office, and is specifically responsible for website construction, network technical support and equipment operation and maintenance.

"China Liangdu · Liupanshui" website purpose:

"Strengthening foreign publicity, promoting open government affairs, communicating and serving the public, encouraging political participation and deliberation, promoting the building of a clean government, and improving the city's image."

"China Liangdu · Liupanshui" website construction goals:

One window: the authoritative window for the government to release information to the public and communicate with the public.

One platform: a comprehensive service platform facing the public, enterprises, and governments.

One center: a data resource center with rich resources and data processing capabilities.

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