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The Liupanshui E-Government Office is a deputy county-level institution that manages the full budget and is affiliated to the Municipal People's Government Office.

The main responsibilities of Liupanshui E-government Office are:

1. Implement the national and provincial policies and laws and regulations related to e-government work; study and formulate standard specifications and planning plans for e-government work in our city.

2. According to the "Regulations on Government Information Disclosure", undertake the promotion, guidance, coordination, and supervision of government information disclosure, as well as the exchange, integration, sharing, development, and utilization of government information resources.

3. Responsible for the review and check of the e-government construction project, supervision of implementation, completion acceptance and performance evaluation; comprehensive management, coordinated promotion, evaluation and business guidance of the e-government work of all departments, counties, special zones and districts.

4. Responsible for e-government shared infrastructure and common application systems such as municipal government office, municipal people's congress office, municipal government office, municipal co-ordination office, and municipal government agencies unified e-government private network, extranet, network security insurance system, software system, application support system, etc. Planning, design, construction, management and operation and maintenance.

5. Responsible for the unified organization and promotion of the common e-government applications of the city's authorities, guidance, coordination, and promotion of the use of the city's unified e-government infrastructure, the development and promotion of applications, and the provision of common e-government application technology and training services.

6. Organize, implement and manage the development and utilization of the city's information resources, promote the construction of cross-sectoral public databases such as population, legal entities, natural resources and spatial geography, and macroeconomic foundations, and promote information exchange and information resource sharing.

7. Responsible for the planning, design, construction, management, operation and maintenance of Liupanshui City Office Business Resource Network and "China Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal group, as well as the planning, organization, management, and release of various online service resources.

8. To undertake other tasks assigned by superior departments.

Liupanshui City's e-government office includes five sections (comprehensive section): General Section, E-Government Promotion Section, Government Information Disclosure Section, System Management Section and Website Management Section.

Technical maintenance phone: 0858-8242084

Cooperation Tel: 0858-8269176

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