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RSS subscription

In order to enable the majority of netizens and readers to more conveniently and quickly read the latest news information on the portal website of the Liupanshui Municipal People's Government, we have launched an RSS feed information service. The advantage of the RSS aggregate information service of the portal of the People's Government of Liupanshui is reflected in the fact that you only need to subscribe to the links of the sections you are interested in in the RSS news reader, and you can automatically get the latest article news of these sections through the RSS news reader.

In this page, we provide everyone with links to the main channels of the portal site of the Liupanshui Municipal People ’s Government and their key columns. Welcome to subscribe.

What is Rss Information Subscription?

RSS is an easy way for sites to share content with other sites (also known as aggregated content). Network users can read on the client without opening the content page of the site with the help of RSS feeds Website content that supports RSS output. The website provides RSS output, which helps users discover updates to the website content. By subscribing to this Really Simple Syndication System (RSS), you can preview updates made to this space in any RSS reader or aggregator. RSS allows you to subscribe to items from several sources and automatically combine information into one list. You can quickly browse the list without having to visit each website to search for the latest information that interests you.

How to use RSS?

You generally need to download and install an RSS news reader, and then subscribe to the news section you are interested in from the aggregate news directory list provided by the website. After subscribing, you will get the latest content of the news channels you subscribe to in time.
Step 1: Click on the marker.
Step 2: Copy the address generated by clicking the tag directly.
Step 3: Run the RSS reader, select New or Add a Channel from the menu, and paste the XML address you just copied.

Features of reading RSS news:

1. There are no advertisements or pictures to affect the reading of the title or article summary.
2. RSS reader automatically updates your customized website content to keep the news timely.
3. Users can add multiple customized RSS feeds to collect news from multiple sources and integrate them into a single data stream.

Common Rss reader download:
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