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Website help

1. How to remember the website address of "China's Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal

The website address of the "Chinese Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal is .

Gzlps analysis: It is the first letter of Guizhou Liupanshui Pinyin.

gov analysis: gov is the first three letters of the English government, is the unified domain name of the Chinese government portal.

2. The main functions of the "China Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal

The "China Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal is a platform that integrates government services to provide services to the public. People-oriented, service-oriented as the center, integrate resources, provide high-quality electronic public services to the society, and at the same time promote open government affairs to guide the public to participate in government decision-making and help create a service-oriented and transparent responsible government. The core purpose of the "Liupanshui" government portal.

3. Qualifications for the use of the "China Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal

The "China Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal serves all the public concerned about the development of Liupanshui. Some of these functions serve the public officials (office mailboxes) of Liupanshui. Some functions need to be registered and approved before they can be used (such as complaints) Consulting platform, etc.).

4. How to adjust the font size when browsing the web?

In IE4.0 you can select "Fonts" in "View" in the menu to select the font size you need.

In IE5.0 / 6.0 you can select "Text Fonts" in "View" in the menu to select the font size you need.

In Netscape you can use the hot key "Ctrl +]" to increase the font, and use "Ctrl + [" to decrease the font.

5. Why can't the webpage be opened sometimes?

If you are accessing the Internet through a LAN, due to the bandwidth limitation of the exit from the LAN to the outside, a timeout error when connecting to the website will result in a connection failure.

If you dial up to the Internet through a telephone line, the problem of connection failure will occur due to the connection bandwidth.

Don't be surprised if you encounter this kind of problem, sometimes you just need to refresh and sometimes you need to change time again.

6. What should I do if you can't open the audio in this website?

Please install RealPlayer software on your computer. Click to download: RealPlayer11GOLD_cn

7. What should I do if I see garbled characters when viewing the webpage?

If you see garbled characters when you browse the web page of "China's Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal, you can solve the following problems:

IE4.X: Select "Fonts" in "View" in the menu, and then select "Simplified Chinese (GB2312)"

IE5.X / 6.X: Select “Encoding” in “View” in the menu, then select “Simplified Chinese (GB2312)”.

Netscape4.0X: Select "Encoding" in "View" in the menu, and then select "Simplified Chinese GB2312".

Netscape 4.5X: Select "Character Set" in "View" in the menu, and then select "Simplified Chinese GB2312".

8.Common website functions

Click the Search button on the toolbar to access multiple search providers. Type a word or phrase in the search box.

In the address bar, type go, find, or? First, then type the word or phrase you want to search for, and press Enter. Internet Explorer will start the search using the preset search provider.

After entering the web page, click the Edit menu, and then click Find (in the current page) to search for the specified text.

If the web address is not valid, Internet Explorer will ask if you want to search for an approximate web address. You can change this selection so that Internet Explorer automatically searches without prompting. For more information, see the related topics below.

When you find a web page or site you like, you can save its address so you can easily open those sites later.

Add the site to your favorites list. Whenever you need to open the site, just click the "Favorite" button on the toolbar and select from the list of favorites.

a) Add web pages to favorites

If you have a frequently visited web page or site that you want to put in the easiest place, add it to the link bar.

b) Add a web page to the link bar

If you have a most visited site, you can select it as your homepage. This way, the site is displayed first each time Internet Explorer is launched, or immediately when you click the Home button on the toolbar.

On the toolbar, click the History button.

A history bar appears with links to web pages and sites that you have visited in the last few days or weeks.

In the history bar, click the day of the week or date, click a folder to display individual Web pages, and then click the Web page icon to display the Web page.

To sort or search the history bar, click the arrow next to the View button at the top of the history bar.

Find the Web page you just visited

To return to the last page you just visited, click the Back button on the toolbar.

To view the last nine Web pages visited in this operation, click the arrow next to the Back button, and then click the desired Web page.

9. Functions related to login


When users use some functions of the "China Liangdu · Liupanshui" government portal, the system needs to use cookies. If you turn off the cookie writing function of your browser, you will not be able to log in to this system.

If you are sure that your login name and password are correct but you still cannot log in, and you have logged in before, please try the following (take the browser IE that comes with Windows XP as an example):

1) Click "Tools" in your browser, then "Internet Options" in the pop-up menu.

2) Click "Privacy" in the pop-up Internet Options Panel, move the slider to set the privacy to "Medium", and then click "OK". As shown below.

10, website security and common sense

When using this website, in order to ensure the security and convenience of your information, please follow the following rules as much as possible:

First, try to avoid logging in to the management system in public places (such as Internet cafes, etc.).

2. No matter where you log in to the application system on the Internet, you must click [Logout] when you leave. Some website systems do not have corresponding options for exiting, so their systems are not secure.

3. When filling in and publishing long information or materials (such as personal resume, company profile, etc.), it is best to edit the information in other text editing software (such as Notepad, Word, WPS, etc.) Copy to the corresponding web page input box.

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