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[Reminder] You can write a letter on this page or directly call (0858-8224627) to reflect related matters. You will report the result of the matter, and we will give feedback by phone. If in doubt, call 0858-8224627. Enter letter inquiry >>

In order to implement the major decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to develop and expand the private economy, in accordance with the relevant arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to support the development of private enterprises, on December 12, 2018, Liupanshui City officially opened its services The mayor of a private enterprise is open to traffic.

I. Acceptance Scope

It mainly accepts calls from operators, employees and related personnel of private enterprises throughout the country. The scope of acceptance is policy consultation, situation feedback and suggestions. If the letter is not a real-name call, or if the information is unclear and cannot be further contacted, the registration shall not be processed.

(1) Policy consultation. Advice on policies and measures to support the development of private enterprises, as well as the responsibilities and functions of relevant departments in the development of the private economy.

(2) The situation reflects. Reflect on the problems existing in the implementation of policies related to the development of the private economy; reflect the difficulties and hot issues faced in the development of private enterprises; Reflections on issues such as inaction or disorder.

(3) Suggestions. Opinions and suggestions on promoting the high-quality development of the entire private economy.

Second, the acceptance method

Incoming calls are received 24 hours in the following three ways.

(1) Answer the call manually. The fixed telephone number is 0858—8224627, and the staff will answer the call within 8 hours of working time.

(2) Sorting out telephone recordings. Incoming calls made outside of 8 hours of working time will be prompted and recorded throughout the process.

(3) Letters from online platforms. The municipal government's portal website opens an online letter writing platform, which can directly log in to the platform to write letters and handle it together with answering calls.


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