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[City Discipline Inspection Commission and City Supervision Commission] Liupanshui: Strengthening Party Building and Leading to Help Poverty Alleviation

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Liupanshui City Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission has tightened the party's responsibility for poverty alleviation, carried out party organization activities to the front line of poverty alleviation, deeply integrated party building and poverty alleviation, and implemented "one person stationed in the village, unit assistance, and party organization pairing", integrating resources to crack Tackling the difficult problems of poverty alleviation, and making every effort to promote accurate poverty alleviation to achieve tangible results.

Visited strong service . Organize party members and cadres in Jinxing Village to work, visit poor households, collect income proofs for poor households, collect photos of houses, and dispel mass grievances, etc., and complete the data of each household. The Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission and the Municipal Supervisory Committee have set up volunteer labor service teams and legal service teams to organize party members and cadres of organs to participate in community volunteer service activities at mutual assistance and joint construction sites. So far, more than 120 party members have participated in mutual assistance and joint establishment of sanitation and environmental governance at night. There were 16 patrols, home visits, free consultations, legal consultations, and publicity of party discipline regulations.

Practice your original heart for the people . Helped to build the "party building cultural propaganda column" of the Jinxing Village Party Branch and settled 15,000 yuan; during the "June 1" Children's Day, members of the team led a team to Jinxing Village to console 53 children and send them more than 5,000 yuan worth of learning and sporting goods ; Actively coordinate and coordinate with relevant departments, restore the primary school running in Jinxing Village, meet the schooling needs of school-age children in Jinxing Village, and build a "Happy Home", an elderly activity center in Jinxing Village, to enhance the happiness of the elderly villagers; Hejiazhuang Village in Yangchang Township sold 215 bottles of red pine mushroom oil, which increased the income of the poor by over 17,200 yuan.

Machine association grassroots . Formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the" Mechanism-related Grassroots "by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to Promote the High-quality Development of Grassroots Party Construction, and arranged two in-service party branches and Malong Village, Duge Town, Shuicheng County, Jinxing Village, Yanjiao Town, Liuzhi Special Zone and Zhong The Fengyuan Sub-district Office of the Fenghuang Sub-district Office in the mountainous area organized a pair of joint construction, focusing on the organization of joint construction, resource sharing, platform sharing, co-organization of activities, and win-win development, and jointly promoted the high-quality development of party building at the grassroots level. Construction activities more than 10 times, covering more than 400 party members and cadres and the masses.

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