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[City Natural Resources Bureau] Held a press conference to report the completion of the work in 2019

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(Reporter Huang Shujin) On December 25, the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau held a press conference to report the completion of the 2019 work in terms of strengthening the foundation, preventing risks, preventing pollution, and optimizing the business environment.

Consolidate the foundation and widen the chassis. Taking the third national land survey as an opportunity, the city's construction land area was 58045.06 hectares, and the cultivated land area was 257312.75 hectares. A total of 151,500 mu of basic farmland reserve areas have been designated, and the remaining space of construction land in the city has been verified to be about 100,000 mu. In 2019, we completed the production of 1941 acres of increase and decrease linked savings indicators and 2,000 acres of use. We continued to promote the 1,900 acres of cross-province trading in Shuicheng County and supported Liuzhi and Panzhou to make large-scale 2640 acres. The assessment of the current status of land and space development and protection, the implementation of urban-rural planning, and overall planning for land use, and the carrying out of resources and environmental carrying capacity and the suitability of land and space development have been advanced in an orderly manner.

Prevent risks and keep stability. Carry out a large-scale investigation of hidden dangers of geological disasters, identify 859 hidden dangers of geological disasters in the city (29 new hidden dangers), and threaten 144,689 people in 35730 households. Implementation of the "one-five" prevention measures for hidden danger points, 938 monitors and 11,258 inspectors of hidden dangers in natural villages in more than 20 households. Accelerate the construction of automated monitoring points, install and put into use 128 automated monitoring of hidden dangers, and once again be approved for the construction of 207 automated monitoring points. Completed the construction of 7 geological disaster management projects and eliminated 11 hidden dangers. Three large-scale governance projects were approved and 33 million yuan was sought for funding. The five special treatments for relocation and management of coal mine geological disasters have achieved remarkable results. A total of 504 million yuan have been invested in relocation funds by 10 coal mining companies. Focusing on the 6 “problematic real estates” with strong reflections from the masses, research and settlement of issues left over from history, involving about 6,900 home buyers.

Increase pollution prevention. Complete the rectification of problems existing in the Central Environmental Protection Inspector's "Looking Back" at the Liuzhi Zhongzhu Coal Mine and Xijiabao Coal Mine in Shuicheng County. Carefully sorted out the closed coal mines from 2013 to 2017, and completed 29 rectifications. The remaining 13 are urging rectification. The construction of green mines is expected to complete the third-party assessment of 50 mining companies by the end of December. Provincial, city, and county-level certificates were issued for 318 mining right deposit transfer funds, with a transfer amount of approximately 220.75 million yuan. Assist Zhongshan District to actively seek funding for 140 million yuan in major projects for ecological protection and restoration of mountains, waters, forests, lakes, and grasses in the Umong Mountains. The environment of the Shuangqiao Reservoir centralized drinking water source area protection zone has been completed, and the mine environment in Wangjiazhai Town's coal mining area Renovation, Dawan Town-Ertang Town Comprehensive Mine Environment Improvement Project.

Optimize business environment. In combination with the reform of the approval system for construction projects currently underway, the approval process will be further simplified. A total of 45 Construction Engineering Planning Permits and 39 Construction Engineering Completion Planning Approval Certificates were processed this year. Continuously promote the city's data sharing services and complete the construction of a smart city spatiotemporal big data platform.

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