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[City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau] Efforts to Protect the Legal Rights and Interests of Migrant Workers

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(Reporter Yan Xianyan) On December 27, the reporter learned from a press conference held by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that, as of December 23, a total of 213 projects (enterprises) under construction in the city were included in the real-name system of employment management, and the real-name system was used to punch in. There were 207 attendance items recorded; 203 special accounts for migrant workers 'wages were opened; 203 migrant workers' wages were paid in full and on time.

In recent years, with the goal of eradicating wage arrears, the city has continuously strengthened source prevention, made efforts to regulate wage payment behaviors, and worked hard to protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. In 2017 and 2018, in the province's evaluation of guaranteeing migrant workers 'wages, the city has been rated A level for two consecutive years, which has achieved certain results in guaranteeing migrant workers' wages.

In terms of combating the crime of refusing to pay labor remuneration, this year, the first and second joint meetings of Liupanshui City in 2019 to combat crime of non-paying labor remuneration have been held respectively. The meeting applied to the court for payment orders on the issue of wage arrears. 2. The specific operational procedures of the administrative organs applying for court enforcement shall be discussed. Since 2019, the city's human resources and social security departments have transferred 10 cases of suspected non-payment of labor remuneration to public security organs in accordance with the law, involving 581 unpaid laborers. 7 cases were filed by the public security organs, 3 were investigated and evidence obtained, 2 were detained in administrative detention, and 1 person was arrested on the Internet. Apply to the People's Court for 10 cases of compulsory enforcement, involving 919 unpaid laborers. At present, 3 cases have been completed, of which 1 paid 191,600 yuan for 6 people's wages, and 2 compulsory enterprises paid 5,770,600 yuan in wage security.

Carrying out joint credit punishment work, in strict accordance with the relevant national and provincial requirements, strengthen the joint credit punishment of major labor security and wage arrears, and promote and publicize 4 major labor security violations to the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, including Blacklist of pay arrears and 6 public announcements. According to relevant regulations, the above-mentioned public companies were subject to joint credit punishment within one year.

In terms of unblocking labor rights protection channels, a special person is arranged to handle online public opinion cases, timely handling and timely response to higher-level transfers of unpaid public opinion, and guiding laborers to rationally defend their rights in accordance with the law. In daily inspections and special inspections, change the past model of “administration by punishment”, provide more guidance to employers to regulate employment behaviors, avoid employment risks, and provide laws, regulations and policy consulting services for employers and workers. Establish an integrated mechanism for grassroots mediation, arbitration and supervision, accept routine complaints of arrears of wages, and reduce the cost of migrant workers' rights protection through a unified acceptance platform, case diversion and joint case handling. On the website of the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, a column on eradicating wage arrears was announced, and telephones for reporting labor rights complaints were announced. Notice boards for migrant workers' rights protection were set up at construction sites and coal mines to ensure smooth reporting channels.

On the eve of the "two festivals" on the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will do its best to prevent the source, process supervision, and joint disposal, continue to improve the city's level of guaranteeing migrant workers' wage payment, and strive to achieve the goal of eradicating wage arrears. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

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