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[Municipal Finance Bureau] Build a Security Management Defense Line

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Since this year, the Municipal Finance Bureau has earnestly implemented the requirements of the central, provincial, and municipal governments on work safety, giving full play to departmental functions, focusing on theoretical study, policy promotion, hidden dangers investigation, and funding guarantees, and building a safe management defense line.

Focus on theoretical learning and continuously improve ideological understanding. Include work safety in important agendas, provide guarantees in terms of organization, personnel arrangements, and effectively advance the implementation of work safety responsibilities. At the same time, earnestly carry out safety production education activities, firmly establish the concept of safety development, profoundly understand the significance of upholding the safety red line, and ensure that safety starts from self and small matters, and internalize the safety consciousness, externalization and behavior. .

Focus on policy promotion to create a good security atmosphere. Seriously fulfill important political responsibility for work safety, improve political standing, strengthen awareness of action, send small safety knowledge through WeChat groups, organize and watch safety production case education videos, etc., and focus on publicizing the Work Safety Law, the Fire Protection Law, and Guizhou Provincial regulations on safety in production and other laws and regulations, as well as safety precautions and emergency skills, have continuously improved the safety awareness and self-rescue ability of cadres and employees.

“一岗双责”。 Focus on the investigation of hidden dangers and strictly implement the "double responsibility for one post". Conscientiously fulfill the responsibility of the main body of production safety, strictly implement the "one job and two responsibilities", establish a long-term mechanism for hidden danger investigation, clarify that the heads of all departments of the bureau are the first responsible persons for safety of the undergraduate department, and irregularly check the hidden dangers of production safety in office buildings. , Focus on investigating potential safety hazards such as electricity, water, fire, and operation and maintenance of fire protection facilities.

Focus on funding protection and give full play to financial functions. 1300 万元,已拨付 702.68 万元,主要用于标本兼治遏制重特大事故试点城市、安全生产应急救援等项目建设;安排部门预算 143 万元,已拨付 143 万元,重点用于安全生产监管、日常运转等,为全市的安全生产工作提供了坚强的财力保障。 Following the principles of politics and law, prioritizing safety management budgets, prioritizing funds allocation, and prioritizing special funds, the budget arranges special production safety funds of 13 million yuan, of which 7.026 million yuan has been allocated . It is mainly used to treat both the symptoms and curb in major pilot cities and to prevent production accidents. Rescue and other project constructions; the departmental budget of 1.43 million yuan has been allocated, and 1.43 million yuan has been allocated , focusing on safety production supervision and daily operation, etc., providing a strong financial guarantee for safe production work in the city. (Zhang Qifu)

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