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[City Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau] The inspection team of the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department went to our city to sample the energy-saving materials at the construction site

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12 25 日至 27 日,受省住房城乡建设厅委托,贵州省建筑科学研究检测中心到我市开展 2019 年度建设工程施工现场节能材料(产品)抽检工作,旨在进一步规范建筑节能材料和产品在工程中的应用,切实提高建筑节能工程质量。 From December 25 to 27 , 2019 , commissioned by the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Guizhou Provincial Construction Scientific Research and Inspection Center went to our city to carry out random inspections of energy-saving materials (products) on construction sites in 2019 , aiming to further standardize energy-saving materials And the application of products in engineering, and effectively improve the quality of building energy-saving projects. 10 个在建建筑工程,严格抽取了 8 个批次保温砂浆原材料和 2 个芯样。 During the spot check, the inspection team successively went to Zhongshan District, Liuzhi Special Zone, Liupanshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shuicheng County, and went deep into Zhongshan Huating, Zhonglian Huixi Garden Phase I and other 10 construction projects under construction, and strictly extracted 8 batches. Raw material of insulation mortar and 2 core samples.

Responsible comrades of the City's New Wall Material Innovation and Building Energy Conservation Center, and the Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the Liuzhi Special Zone accompanied the sampling inspection.

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