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[Municipal Sports Bureau] Carry out emergency drills to prevent risks in winter and spring

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In order to enhance the safety awareness of cadres and staff of our bureau, and improve the self-rescue and self-protection capabilities of cadre and staff of our bureau, we must effectively prevent winter and spring security risks in our bureau.

30 日,根据《市安委办市减灾办关于印发全市冬春安全风险大排查大整治大演练行动方案的通知》(市安委办〔 2019 66 号)要求,市体育局在黄土坡体育馆开展冬春安全风险防范应急逃生演练。 On December 30 , in accordance with the requirements of the Notice of the Municipal Safety Commission Office and the Municipal Disaster Reduction Office on Printing and Distributing Action Plans for the Winter Winter and Spring Safety Risks Survey, Remediation and Rehabilitation Exercises (City Safety Commission Office [ 2019 ] No. 66 ), the Municipal Sports Bureau in Loess The Po Gymnasium conducts emergency escape drills to prevent risks in winter and spring. 2019 年冬春安全防范风险应急演练防范方案》,对演练的时间、地点、人员、演练具体程序、疏散要求等进行了精心安排。 In order to ensure that the exercise runs smoothly and achieves effective results, the Municipal Sports Bureau issued the "Sports Bureau's 2019 Winter and Spring Safety and Risk Emergency Training Exercise Prevention Plan" in time, and conducted the exercise time, place, personnel, drill specific procedures, and evacuation requirements. special arrangement. At the drill site, relevant staff explained in detail the basic knowledge of fire protection, various fire protection equipment functions, how to properly use fire protection facilities, and how to evacuate and escape from the fire scene. Field demonstrations were made of the standardized use of fire extinguishers, hydrants, and other fire fighting equipment. During the exercise, cadres and employees of the Municipal Sports Bureau obeyed the command and obeyed the order. The entire exercise was tense and orderly, which further enhanced the employees' awareness of safety in production and made cadres and employees understand that there are hidden dangers in accidents and the prevention of hidden dangers is in the details.

Through this activity, the fire safety knowledge of the cadres and staff of our bureau was further consolidated and improved, and the foundation for safe production in the area was laid.

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