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[City Discipline Inspection Commission and Municipal Supervision Commission] Liupanshui: Strengthening Discipline Inspection Cadre Education with Positive and Negative Models

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“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育,持续强化党性教育、典型教育和警示教育,促使纪检监察干部固根守魂、定心正神,激发守初心、担使命的责任感,真正做到政治过硬、本领高强。 Since the beginning of this year, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Liupanshui City has closely linked to the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”. It has continued to strengthen party education, typical education and warning education, and has promoted discipline inspection and supervision cadres to stay firmly rooted in the soul, keep their minds, and inspire them. A sense of responsibility in a mission is truly politically sound and capable.

Party spirit education is strongly tempered. 116 名党员分批参观盘县会议会址、重温入党誓词、瞻仰烈士陵园等活动,现场领悟老一辈无产阶级革命家的奋斗史和斗争精神,凝聚推动纪检监察工作高质量发展的强大动力。 Organized 116 party members to visit the site of the Panxian conference in batches, review the vows to join the party, and pay homage to the cemetery of the martyrs, to understand the struggle history and fighting spirit of the proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation on the spot, and to consolidate the powerful driving force for the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision . Organize disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres to visit Liupanshui's party members and cadres' party spirit education base and the Guizhou Third-line Museum to educate and guide disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres to strengthen party spirit training and build the foundation of ideals and convictions.

Leading by typical education. “不忘初心、牢记使命”教育报告,引导纪检监察干部见贤思齐、奋发有为,建功新时代、展现新作为、创造新业绩。 The advanced model is invited to make an education report of "Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind", and guide the disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres to see the wisdom, work hard, and make achievements in a new era, show new achievements and create new achievements. Combined with the "three meetings and one lesson" of the party branch, organize party members and cadres to watch advanced typical deeds such as Yu Liufen, Huang Dafa, and Huang Wenxiu, and guide discipline inspection and supervision cadres to take the advanced model as an example, abide by their original intentions, shoulder the mission, work hard, and gather together. Upward struggling force.

Negative education warning. 111 纪检监察干部到六盘水监狱参观警示教育基地,听取服刑人员“现身说法”,观看违纪违法纪检监察干部忏悔视频、通报纪检监察干部违纪违法典型案例,发放省纪委省监委编印的《纪检监察干部违纪违法典型案例警示录》,教育纪检监察干部坚守初心使命、筑牢思想防线。 Organize 111 disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres to visit the warning education base in Liupanshui Prison, listen to the "presentation" of prisoners, watch confession videos of disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres, report typical cases of disciplinary violations by disciplinary and supervision cadres, and issue the "discipline inspection and supervision" edited by the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission "Warning Record of Typical Cases of Cadres Violating Disciplines and Laws", the education discipline inspection and supervision cadres adhere to their original mission and build a ideological defense line.

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