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[Municipal Finance Bureau] Manage "money bags" to "accelerate" poverty alleviation

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“八要素”、脱贫攻坚减贫目标任务和乡村振兴战略行动,念好整、审、管“三字经”,推进涉农资金统筹整合,解决涉农资金管理领域条块分割、交叉重复等难题,不断为决战决胜脱贫攻坚和乡村振兴战略行动提供财力保障。 Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Finance Bureau has closely focused on the "eight factors" of the rural industrial revolution , the goals of poverty alleviation and poverty reduction, and the strategic actions of rural rejuvenation. Difficulties in the field of fund management, such as segmentation and cross-repetition, continue to provide financial guarantees for decisive battles to overcome poverty and strategic actions for rural rejuvenation.

“整”字经,确保脱贫攻坚有“活钱”。 Speak the "Scripture" word well to ensure that there is "living money" in the fight against poverty. 亿元,支出资金 13.35 亿元,形成“多个渠道引水、一个龙头放水”的扶贫投入新格局,撬动金融资本和社会帮扶资金投入扶贫开发,确保如期完成脱贫攻坚任务。 According to the principle of “unobstructed channels, unchanged use, centralized investment, accountability, merit, and formation of synergy”, the Municipal Finance Bureau unifies planning and preparation of projects around the joints, weak links and key areas of poverty alleviation. Coordinated the integration of 1.741 billion yuan of fiscal agriculture-related funds and 1.335 billion yuan of expenditure funds , forming a new pattern of poverty alleviation with "multiple channels of water introduction and one leading water release", leveraging financial capital and social assistance funds to invest in poverty alleviation and development, and ensuring that poverty alleviation is completed as scheduled. Tough task.

“审”字经,确保贫困县用好资金。 Read the scriptures of "trial" well to ensure that poor counties make good use of funds. The Municipal Finance Bureau, in conjunction with the municipal poverty alleviation funds management and use department, will strengthen the pre-examination of the county-level agricultural integration schemes in accordance with relevant requirements, review the source of the funds item by item, and ensure that the counties and districts are integrated within the scope of the list of financial resources Funds, to avoid the emergence of obvious poverty gaps in poverty alleviation, but "should not be reorganized", integration beyond the scope of overall planning, and so on, from the source to ensure the quality of integration, to ensure that the integration of funds can be used effectively.

“管”字经,确保资金规范安全使用。 Read the word "management" well to ensure the safe use of funds. The Municipal Finance Bureau strictly incorporates all relevant agricultural management funds into the dynamic monitoring platform in accordance with the relevant fund management measures, and monitors the entire process to effectively strengthen the management and use of the poverty alleviation funds, so that each integrated fund is allocated, allocated and used in accordance with policies and regulations to ensure Dedicated. At the same time, it will jointly carry out various forms of special inspections from time to time in order to prevent daily violations of laws and regulations. (Zhang Qifu)

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