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Wang Zhong emphasized on raising ideological awareness and strengthening responsibilities when inspecting coal mine safety production work in Shuicheng County.

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20 日,市委书记王忠到水城县实地检查地方煤矿安全生产工作。 (Reporter Chen Chidong) On December 20 , Wang Zhong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to Shuicheng County to inspect the safety of local coal mines. 30 万吨 / 年以下的煤矿开采和建设,坚定不移淘汰落后产能,加快推动转型升级,全力以赴抓好煤矿安全生产工作,为全市经济社会高质量发展营造安全稳定环境。 He emphasized that it is necessary to deeply study General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important statement on production safety, resolutely implement the province ’s requirements for the deployment of video conferences on production safety, raise ideological awareness, strengthen responsibility, and resolutely stop coal mining in the city immediately below 300,000 tons per year. And construction, unswervingly eliminate backward production capacity, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, go all out to do a good job in coal mine safety production, and create a safe and stable environment for the city's high-quality economic and social development.

City leaders Zhang Zhixiang, Zhang Qian and He Shu participated in the inspection.

矿安全生产工作。 Wang Zhong went to Xingfa Coal Mine in Eagle Mountain to check the safety of coal production. Photo by Li Xiyan

万吨 / 年。 The designed production capacity of Xingfa Coal Mine and Chenguang Coal Mine in Shuicheng County are both 150,000 tons / year. 7 31 日已按市委、市政府的部署要求,全面停止生产和停止建设。 On July 31 this year , in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, production and construction have been completely stopped. Wang Zhong came to the main inclined shaft, return air shaft, production room, etc. of the coal mine, inspected the wellhead closure on the spot, listened to the report of the shutdown and closure of the coal mine, and conducted in-depth exchanges with the person in charge of the enterprise to discuss the comparison of the safety production capacity before and after the technical transformation of the coal mine. Wang Zhong urged the person in charge of the enterprise to raise ideological awareness and strengthen responsibility, and implement the decision-making and deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government without any compromise. According to the unified arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, The resolute closure of the shutdown firmly lays a solid foundation for security. Relevant counties, districts and functional departments should strengthen supervision and management, take the initiative to provide on-site services, help coal mining enterprises to solve practical problems, and effectively improve the company's awareness of production safety responsibility and ability level.

Wang Zhong went to Laoyingshan Chenguang Coal Mine to check coal mine safety production work. Photo by Li Xiyan

三线建设 重点布局和发展起来的能源原材料工业城市。 Wang Zhong emphasized that Liupanshui is an energy and raw material industrial city that is the key layout and development of " three-tier construction ." The coal industry is still the basic support of the Liupanshui economy at present and in the future. We must continue to deepen the supply-side structural reform, vigorously transform and upgrade existing production capacity, unswervingly promote the elimination of backward production capacity, accelerate the intelligent transformation of coal mine mechanization, focus on increasing the professionalism of coal mine employees, and solidly promote the high-quality development of the coal industry. We must resolutely shoulder the major responsibility for production safety, strictly implement the party and government responsibility for production safety, dual responsibility for one post, and responsibility for the main body of production safety and departmental supervision responsibility, and focus on strengthening the safety supervision of production mines, and dispatch supervisors to the front-line, Pre-regulation will carry responsibility and pressure in place. It is necessary to focus on strengthening the construction of coal mine corporate culture, effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees, educating and guiding miners to always establish a sense of safety in production, enhance the sense of belonging, recognition and honor of miners to coal mine enterprises, and help mines achieve safe production.

Wang Zhong demanded that departments at all levels should firmly uphold the concept of life first and safety first, draw lessons from accidents, adhere to problem orientation, strengthen risk awareness, resolutely overcome paralysis and luck, and carry out in-depth investigations on winter and spring safety risks. Rectify, strengthen emergency duty and emergency preparedness, solidly solve outstanding problems in key areas such as coal mines, non-coal mines, road traffic, building construction, hazardous chemicals, fire prevention and other key industries, and effectively guard the bottom line of safety production in various fields and industries To ensure the continued stability of the city's overall economic and social situation.

On the same day, Wang Zhong also went to the Muqiao Neighborhood Committee of Eagle Hill Street to visit and condolences to the front-line help cadres of poverty alleviation, to learn more about the recent work situation, and encourage everyone to strengthen their belief in victory, not forgetting their original intentions, remembering their mission, working hard, and making sure to go on time Win with high quality and fight well against poverty.

Persons in charge of relevant municipal departments participated in the survey.

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