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Big data + "three changes" + smart rural platform vigorously promote precision poverty alleviation

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(Reporter Zhao Fang Yan Chunyun Yan Huachao) "The villager Zhang Xianfei's family has 4 people, her son-in-law's junior high school culture, she only has elementary school culture, grandson preschool education, 3 labors, and the family has 2 acres of arable land and 1 acre of woodland ..." December 25, The reporter interviewed in Xinjie Township, Shuicheng County, big data + "three changes" + smart rural assistance to help the poor cloud platform construction control center, saw the staff sitting in front of the computer, click the mouse, all the population information and industry development information of the township At a glance. This is an initiative by Xinjie Township to continuously promote the innovation of government management and social governance models, and use big data platforms to make rural governance scientific, refined, and efficient.

Collecting data through villages and households, looking through materials to find data, calling for data ... It is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task in fighting poverty. "Only if the farmers' information is accurate, we can achieve one policy per household, and the poverty alleviation work can be accurate because of people's policies." Xinjie Township Mayor Yang Xuan told reporters. Due to the dynamic information of farmers, there are new situations, deaths, employment, unemployment, etc. at any time. The traditional method of filling in information checklists for households can no longer meet the existing needs, and it is difficult to manage the information of rural farmers. There are many industrial projects. With a wide range of features, the use of human management and protection requires a large investment of human and material resources, and there is a blind spot in management. In actual work, due to information changes, the data held by various departments are different, and the information collected is asymmetric, which has become a key issue in poverty alleviation. "Stumbling blocks" on the road.

Xinjie Township, Shuicheng County leverages big data to innovate social governance, and establish a “big data + three changes” + smart rural area to promote precision poverty alleviation cloud platforms in Xinjie Township. The platform mainly includes farmer information management modules, industrial project management modules, and information comparison modules. In three parts, we can keep abreast of the information of family members, production and living conditions, income, migrant workers, industry, and technology of the entire rural households. At the same time, the Internet of Things technology is used to monitor real-time "three-variant" industries such as apricots, kiwis, and red heart pomelo, and to keep abreast of all links from planting to production to sales, so that consumers understand the entire industrial management process and make consumers assured Agricultural products will ultimately increase production and income for ordinary people.

This set of accurate data comes from 16 temporary party branches. Each branch spent 3 months, repeatedly checking and collecting data from house to house. After sorting and categorizing, it was entered into the smart rural information management system. Information on family members, production and living conditions, income, migrant workers, industry, technology, etc.

"All the information in the system is updated once a month to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the data." Yang Yan said that the data required by the various stock room stations and villages in the township can be found directly by logging in to the system. Checking information and making phone calls everywhere will greatly improve the work efficiency of the rural two levels.

"In the past, the basic information of a farmer was collected. The village called the village, and the village went to the farmer's house to visit the collected data. It took at least one or two hours to complete the final data collection. Now they only need to log in to the system. It can be done in up to two minutes. "Qin Hu, Secretary of the Party Branch of Dajie Village, Xinjie Township, told reporters that what data is needed in the township is only needed to enter the system at a glance. It is no longer arranged to the village, and village-level work is saved So many things.

The Xinjie Township Big Data platform will continue to upgrade to industrial planting, management, and sales while promoting effective rural governance. At the same time, through the comparison of data on dilapidated house reconstruction information, resettlement information, information on the disabled, and patients with serious illnesses, timely grasp the entire town's industrial development and basic information of farmers, and use big data to promote rural revitalization in an all-round way.

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