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Fuzhi · Industrial · Cooperation! Liupanshui Tourism Poverty Alleviation

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□ Journalist of Guizhou Daily Modern Media

In recent years, Liupanshui City has fully implemented the strategic deployment of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee to resolutely win the fight against poverty in the new era, solidly promote tourism poverty alleviation, innovate new modes such as cultural and tourism integration, “relocate poverty alleviation and relocation + cultural tourism poverty alleviation”, and vigorously implement leisure High-quality agricultural and rural tourism projects help push out poverty and strengthen a well-off society.

Supporting the wisdom first, the implementation of the construction of the cultural system for the relocation of Yifu was implemented.

Implement the "1 + 1> 2" innovation demonstration project of cultural and tourism integration. The relocation and relocation of poverty alleviation areas will be implemented around the planning of the scenic spots. Through the resettlement and employment of scenic spots, the poverty-stricken households will be accurately lifted out of poverty, and the quality of public cultural services will be improved to form a win-win situation for the resettlement people's livelihood security, spiritual outlook and scenic spot development.

Carry out the "Nine Get Up" volunteer service activities of Culture, Tourism and Tourism. In conjunction with cultural poverty alleviation volunteer work, a hundred cultural, cultural and tourism brigade volunteer service teams were set up, and they went to the Yifu relocation site, and carried out nine volunteer service actions, such as "telling the story of the party", "singing patriotic songs," and "moving the masses". Feel the party, listen to the party, and follow the party. "

Set up a new era "Thanksgiving Practice Class" cultural preaching group. The City Cultural Center and each county (city, special zone, district) cultural, sports, radio, television, and tourism bureau have established a cultural preaching group. Combined with the activities of sending culture to the countryside, they went to areas where people moved, such as relocation sites, courtyards and dams, walked among the masses, and conducted preaching face-to-face with the masses.

Promote the construction of the main branch of the ex-situ poverty alleviation resettlement site. Incorporate the library of the ex-situ poverty alleviation and resettlement site into the construction of the general branch of the county-level library, uniformly encode the books of the ex-situ poverty alleviation and resettlement site, and realize the unified borrowing and return of the library of the ex-situ poverty alleviation and resettlement site and the county-level library. To facilitate the reading needs of the masses in the resettlement sites.

Promote industry-oriented development and accelerate the promotion of tourism poverty alleviation quality and efficiency improvement projects.

Focus on tackling poverty alleviation in tourism planning. Developed the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for Poverty Alleviation of Rural Tourism Industry in Liupanshui City (2016-2020) and "Master Plan for Global Tourism Development in Liupanshui City (2016-2025)", focusing on the development of rural tourism, the implementation of targeted tourism poverty alleviation and development, and poverty Farmers' income will be increased to lift poverty.

Focus on upgrading tourism infrastructure. The "Liupanshui Encouragement and Support for the Development of the Boutique Hotel Work Plan" was formulated, and a number of mid- to high-end tourist accommodation facilities such as Yeyuhai Sky Love, Jincai Panzhou Hotel, Jiangnan Beijin, Liangdu Impression Hotel were put into operation.

Focus on the development of tourism poverty alleviation products. Relying on its unique geographical and cultural advantages, it has promoted the construction of tourist attractions. At present, 10 4A-level tourist attractions and 8 provincial-level tourist resorts have been created. Liuzhi Special Zone has been awarded the "Top Ten Eco-tourism Cities in China", and Panzhou has passed the national territory. Tourism demonstration area creation acceptance.

Focus on the creation of tourism poverty alleviation demonstrations. Liupanshui adopted the "three changes + rural tourism poverty alleviation" model represented by Niangniang Mountain, the "ethnic literature and art + rural tourism poverty alleviation" model represented by Ye Yuhai, and "ex situ poverty alleviation relocation + rural tourism represented by Baichehe" The "Poverty Alleviation" model allows the masses to share development results.

The key to cooperation is to take the road of stability and cooperation with the heart.

Leverage the intelligence platform to promote talent training. "Going out" and in-depth docking with Dalian Culture and Tourism Bureau, sent 50 Liupanshui city tourism talents to Dalian to carry out the special training on poverty alleviation in western cooperation tourism. "Introduced", invited relevant professionals in Dalian to Liupanshui to carry out training of tourism talents. Signed the "Liupanshui-Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Talent Cultivation Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics on the cultivation of cultural tourism talents in our city.

Leverage activity platforms to promote interactive visits. Through activities such as the Liupanshui Summer Festival and Dalian Huaihuai Association, it will increase mutual visits and interactions, and promote cultural tourism. In accordance with the Dalian Youqiang Group Agency + Liupanshui Excellent and Strong Land Receiving Agency + Liupanshui Key Tourist Scenic Area + Cultural, Literary, Cultural and Creative Modes, the two sides will deepen pairing assistance.

Leverage the industrial platform to deepen the aid results. Promote the entry of "Liaoke into Guizhou", promote the cooperation between tourism enterprises of both sides, and sign an agreement on pairing assistance for enterprises. Promote the pairing of tourism companies. During the Summer Festival in 2019, Dalian Jinshitan Tourism Group was invited to inspect Ye Yuhai, and the cooperation projects such as Ye Yuhai ball screen films and aquariums were implemented.

In the later stage, Liupanshui will be more scientific in the implementation of planning, more aggregating in the integration of resources, more professional in the cultivation of talents, and use the "transcripts" from the masses to increase wealth to test the performance of tourism poverty reduction.

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