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Huangguoshu Village: Multi-Purpose Efforts to Fight Poverty-One Hundred Villages Attacking the Dilemma · Entering Deeply Impoverished Villages

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Tobacco seedling greenhouse in Huangguoshu Village.

Go to the field for investigation.

□ Reporter Wu Xuegang


Huangguoshu Village is located in the west of Houchang Township, Shuicheng County. It is a combination of the original Huangguoshu Village and the original Xingxing Road Village, with an average elevation of 1200 meters and a total area of 33.6 square kilometers. There are 749 households and 3344 people in 19 village groups under the jurisdiction of the village. In 2014, there were 392 households and 1,670 poor households. The number of poverty-stricken households has reached 1,608, and 26 households and 62 households have not been lifted out of poverty. To the present 1.86%.

On December 11th, a rare sunny winter day, the reporter came to this village with the same name as the famous scenic spot in Guizhou-Huangguoshu Village.

Along the newly-built Tongzu Road, the car drove all the way to the village activity room. Yang Yukun, director of the Houchang Township Agricultural Service Center and head of the village in charge of the township, told reporters that since the beginning of the poverty alleviation work in 2014, the biggest change in Huangguoshu Village has been the drastic reduction in the number of poor people, the improvement of the village appearance, and the improvement of rural road traffic and drinking water. And other infrastructure has been greatly improved.

With the support of the national poverty alleviation policy, the two committees of Huangguoshu Village have continued to increase their poverty alleviation efforts. Through ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation, villagers are encouraged to go out to work, develop industries such as flue-cured tobacco, kiwi, bee and plum, and arrange public welfare posts for poor households And other measures, the villagers have achieved a substantial poverty alleviation.

Chen Xianfu and Chen Yang, the 6th group, are the leaders of migrant workers. They have led several villagers to do construction projects in Guixing, Xingyi, and Qixingguan District of Bijie City, and Weining County. "As long as you are diligent, if you can work in more than 20 classes per month, you will have an income of 5,000 to 6,000 yuan." Chen Xianfu said that his family also built a small foreign house in the village.

The 6 groups of villagers, Chen Xiangang, are a family of four. The couple lived with two sons. They were poor households who established a file in 2014. They were assisted by Luo Xiangwen, the first secretary of the village, and Gan Xiaoxia, a primary teacher in Shuicheng County. His family achieved poverty alleviation at the end of the year.

Chen Xiangang, who is now doing cleaning work in the village, smiles when he talks about his current life: "I was arranged for cleaning in the village last August. I received a salary of 1,000 yuan a month. I started planting kiwi the year before and subsidized 500 yuan per mu. The subsidy is three years. I planted 5 acres and received a subsidy of 7,500 yuan. Two children are now studying in the vocational school in Shuicheng County, and each of them can receive more than 3,000 yuan per year.

Chen Xiangang is still an expert in growing flue-cured tobacco in the village. He planted 16 acres of flue-cured tobacco this year and made a profit of 30,000 yuan. He is not satisfied with this. He summed up his own experience: first, because of diseases and insect pests, and second, because the curing technology did not keep up, so the level of flue-cured tobacco was pulled down. "Under the guidance of the technical staff of the Township Tobacco Office, I have almost accumulated a set of experience in the cultivation and curing of flue-cured tobacco." . His family also raised more than 20 pigs. Not long ago, they sold more than 10 pigs, which is also a considerable income.

Xie Xianwen of the 19 group also lived with the two sons. Xie Xianwen, who has been planting flue-cured tobacco since 1997, was not supposed to be a poor household. However, because of the inability to keep up with the technology and the market, he did not make money but paid back. He earned only a few hundred yuan a year. In 2014, his family was listed as a poor household with file registration. In 2015, the market price of flue-cured tobacco began to improve. After receiving comprehensive technical guidance from tobacco company technicians in seedling cultivation, field transplanting, field management, pest control, picking and baking, etc., Xie Xianwen, who has planted flue-cured tobacco for many years, finally tasted the sweetness. Lee more than 30,000 yuan. Since then, he planted 26 acres of flue-cured tobacco in 2016 with an income of more than 50,000 yuan; in 2017, he planted 30 acres of flue-cured tobacco with an income of more than 60,000 yuan and achieved poverty alleviation; in 2018, he planted 40 acres of flue-cured tobacco with an income of more than 80,000 yuan; in 2019 60 acres with an income of 120,000 yuan.

Xie Xianwen, who has been lifted out of poverty, has also made his own contribution to the poverty alleviation cause in the village. He needs to find someone to help each year during the busy season. The daily labor cost is 120 yuan, one or two as long as five or six as many as long. Yang Yukun said that in this way, one flue-cured tobacco grower could drive 3 villagers out of poverty on average.

Multi-pronged efforts to develop, this is the secret of Huangguoshu Village to turn around gorgeously to achieve a substantial poverty alleviation for the villagers. The implementation of this cheat was achieved after Luo Xiangwen, a staff member of the Finance Bureau of Shuicheng County, became the "first secretary" of the village in August 2017.

When he first served as the "first secretary" in the village, Luo Xiangwen found that the grassroots party organization in Huangguoshu Village was weak. To this end, he organized the village committee and the two committees to use new village cadres, matched the village leadership team, and also recruited some outstanding talents from the village's rich leaders, college graduates, and intellectual youth to enrich this team. The earth promoted the work of the village.

Since then, after the county and township two-level squadrons stationed in the village, Huangguoshu Village has made great progress in fighting poverty.

——Strengthening the endogenous motivation of the poor through increased publicity on the policy of fighting poverty. In the two groups of Luo Xiangwen Bao Bao, the original ideological consciousness was relatively backward, waiting to be heavier. Luo Xiangwen visited and talked with each other at home, and promoted hard work to get rich through the promotion of hard work to get rich by the group of migrant workers when they went home for the holidays, and established the concept of hard work to get rich among the villagers.

——Under the leadership of members of the village ’s poverty alleviation team, the villagers ’bad habits were changed, and the village ’s environmental hygiene was greatly improved.

——Develop industries according to local conditions. Today, there are sixty or seventy flue-cured tobacco growers under 50 acres in Huangguoshu Village, more than 20 in 50 to 100 acres, and two in over 200 acres. Planting 1100 acres of kiwis benefited 525 people from 126 households in poverty-stricken establishments; planting 896 acres of bee sugar plums benefited 340 people of 85-households from poverty-stricken establishments.

—— 129 households with 621 persons were relocated from ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocated to Shuangshui, Dongdi, Shuicheng County, Hongqiao, Zhongshan District, etc., to achieve relocation, stability, and development.

Currently, there are only more than 20 households in Huangguoshu Village that have not achieved poverty alleviation. The village will continue to vigorously develop industries such as flue-cured tobacco, kiwi and bee plums to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, and at the same time, provide employment to help those who have not escaped poverty to achieve poverty alleviation.

Reporter notes

Millions of ways out of poverty

Huangguoshu Village, Houchang Township, Shuicheng County, which has the same name as the famous scenic spot in Guizhou, has achieved remarkable results in recent years. Currently, there are only more than 20 households who have not lifted out of poverty. The achievement of such good results is inseparable from the village's multi-pronged efforts to help villagers increase their income and get rid of poverty.

Since the beginning of the fight against poverty, Huangguoshu Village has continued to help poor households get rid of poverty by means of ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation, leaders who become rich take the lead to go out to work, develop suitable agricultural industries, and provide public welfare posts for poor households. There is more than one way to get rid of poverty. As long as each locality can develop its industry in accordance with its own conditions, adapt to local conditions, and work hard in many directions, the task of fighting poverty can be successfully completed.

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