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The city's three-level linkage to rectify and ignore the problem of violating the interests of the masses

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Since the beginning of this year, our city has insisted on special rectification work that ignores and infringes on the interests of the masses as an important political task in the education of the theme of “Do n’t forget the original heart and remember the mission”, strengthen political responsibility, grasp supervision and inspection, and coordinate the three levels to advance the rectification work and ensure the rectification work. Pure gold works.

The implementation of the "Monthly One Supervision and One Report" working mechanism, focusing on special rectification work, and dedicating itself to the "five 100%" implementation, have carried out two centralized supervision and inspections, and found a total of 242 problems. 3 "special rectification work to carry out centralized supervision and inspection. Establish a supervision mechanism of “one survey a day, one survey a week”, led by the person in charge of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection or the director of the office, and use one day a week to conduct research and supervision on key tasks such as special rectification. 144. The city, county, and township three-level supervision and inspection video conference was held to study and deploy the “disciplinary cooperation” and “1 + 1 + 4” supervision work of the township discipline inspection committee around the special rectification work, and the supervision and inspection of special rectification work was continuously increased.

At the same time, the city and county discipline inspection commissions stationed in the discipline inspection and supervision team will include special rectification into the "1 + 1 + 4" supervision list, and comprehensively use the "seven types of guidance, reminder, participation, supervision, spot check, verification, and accountability" "Supervision methods" to carry out precise supervision and normal supervision of departmental rectification work. The patrol agencies took special rectification issues as the focus of inspections, carried out special inspections on poverty alleviation in 6 towns and 19 poor villages in Shuicheng County, Zhongshan District, and found 237 problems.

In addition, the township and township disciplinary committees of the whole city explored and practiced the work mode of “cooperation, overall supervision, designated case handling, and joint trial” of the district, divided 87 townships (streets) of the city into 18 district cooperation groups, and integrated the district township discipline inspection and supervision cadres and village-level people ’s livelihood. Supervisor strength to strengthen supervision and inspection of special rectification work. Since June of this year, the township area cooperation team has carried out 1,024 supervision and inspections, found 1,452 problems, filed 602 cases with 600 cases, and discarded 377 cases with party and government discipline.

(Shi Weixuan)

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