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Liupanshui City Fire Rescue Detachment Listing Ceremony Held

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(Reporter Li Jia) On December 30, the municipal fire rescue team's listing ceremony was held. Li Gang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor attended the opening ceremony and unveiled the city fire rescue team.

Hou Meichuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Vice Mayor Li Hengchao presided over the opening ceremony. Ge Yonghua, the head of the municipal fire rescue detachment delivered a speech and unveiled the municipal fire rescue detachment.

Li Gang unveiled the city fire rescue detachment. Photo by Zhou Xuehui

Hou Meichuan emphasized in his speech that the establishment of a comprehensive national fire rescue team is a major strategic deployment made by the central government to promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity. It is also an important measure to build a national emergency rescue system in the new era. It is of great significance to maintain social public safety and protect the safety of people's production and property. The city's fire rescue team must always adhere to political team building, unswervingly listen to the party, follow the party, and always be a loyal defender of the party and the people. It is necessary to comprehensively enhance comprehensive capabilities, carry out in-depth military training in various forms, speed up the establishment of an authoritative and efficient organizational command system, and an emergency force system that has both expertise and regularity, so as to ensure that the call comes, the battle can come, and the battle is won. We must continue to carry forward the fine work style, make great efforts to strengthen the building of the cadre team, and strive to build a fire rescue team that is assured by the party committee and government, satisfied by the people, and recognized by all sectors of society. With a new attitude, high morale and strong skills, we must resolutely assume the important responsibilities of preventing and resolving major safety risks and dealing with various types of disasters and accidents, and create a good fire safety environment for the construction of modern high-quality cities. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will, as always, care about and support the fire protection work, insist on giving a high-level view, and beloving, and solidly promote the implementation of various preferential measures, and fully support the reform and development of the fire rescue team.

It is understood that since the city's institutional reforms, the Municipal Fire Rescue Division has earnestly implemented the general requirements of the "four sentences" of General Secretary Jinping. Under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, it has grasped the team, led the team, and carried out reform, Promote transformation. Facing the heavy responsibilities of fire prevention and control, security and stability, and reform, development, and construction, the detachment insisted on centering and serving the overall situation to ensure people's livelihood and did a lot of effective work. It effectively maintained the fire situation and the "two stability" within the team, and withstood the National Day. The severe test of the 70th anniversary of major fire and security tasks, successfully completed the urgent and emergency rescue tasks such as the "July 23" mega landslide disaster in Guizhou Shuicheng, and won one hard battle after another, fully demonstrating "Taishan does not bend over the top" The heroic spirit of "do not shrink back in front of life and death" fully demonstrates the responsibility and spirit of the fire rescue team as the "main force" and "national team" of emergency rescue.

Luo Zixiang, the Secretary General of the Municipal Government, the person in charge of the Municipal Emergency Bureau, the commander of the Municipal Fire Rescue Branch and representatives of the grass-roots fire instructors attended the listing ceremony.

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