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Realizing the dream of living peacefully and warming the hearts of the people-the third documentary of the poverty alleviation work in Shuicheng County

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The relocated masses in Yizhai, Haiping eat "tourism rice" and live in "garden houses" (data map).

"To change the toilet, change the circle and change the kitchen", change the new environment and new fashion in the countryside.

The relocated people are being trained in domestic service courses.

The relocation site has complete facilities, and the relocated people can chat while exercising.

□ Reporter Yan Chunyun, Yan Huachao

From Mencius's "Home Ownership" to Du Fu's "Millions of Houses in Andeguang Mansion, the world's coldest people are happy", and now "Do you have a room?" .

In recent years, Shuicheng County has always been oriented towards solving the actual needs of people ’s livelihood, and has made great efforts to embroider and make up the shortcomings of “two cares and three guarantees”. Relocating poverty alleviation and other methods have changed the production, living and living environment of poor families and people in poor mountainous areas. More than 100,000 rural people have realized the dream of living in peace and striding towards a new well-off life.

"More than 120 square meters, four bedrooms and one living room, with independent kitchen and toilet, can take hot bath at any time, cook with induction cooker or gas, convenient and clean, very comfortable!" Although moving into a new home for a year and a half However, Du Feifei, a poor household in Gaojiazhai Group, Ertai Village, Xinjie Township, still couldn't hide his excitement: "My house is also catching up with hundreds of thousands of commercial houses in the city!"

In Qixin Village of Ajia Town, in 2018, Yan Xianyin, a people out of poverty, couldn't help himself: "The old house in my house was ventilated and leaked. Now the government has repaired the old house for us, so that our family can live in peace and security. These days are getting better and better, thanks to the country for its good policies! "

From old houses to safe houses, from living to living well, housing security is tied to the vital interests of the people on the one hand, and the responsibility of the party and the government on the other.

——Since 2014, Shuicheng County has completed a total of 25,512 rural dilapidated houses, including 3,000 in 2014, 7,000 in 2015, 7,626 in 2016, 2084 in 2017, and 2018. 5802 households.

——A total of 15,327 households (including 2269 households in 5 northern townships) should be renovated for exhausting and leaking old houses in the county, and 15,327 households have been completely renovated, with a remediation rate of 100%.

——The whole county has exhausted 18,690 households (including 6,900 households in 5 northern townships), and 18,690 households have been demolished, with a removal rate of 100%.

At the same time, Shuicheng County has seized the central policy dividend and based on comprehensively eliminating the hidden dangers of housing safety for the masses and realizing the bottom-line goal of "safety of housing", the rural houses with inadequate basic functions and poor health conditions have been used. Simultaneously implement kitchen, toilet and circle changes.

Shuicheng County has established special classes for housing security at the county, township, and village levels to form a three-level joint work system of "horizontal to side, vertical to the end, and full coverage of village group households". Registered cardholders, subsistence allowance households, decentralized support for the rural poor (five-guarantee households), and poor disabled families are the key targets for the reconstruction of dilapidated houses. The County Housing and Construction Bureau sent 25 business personnel to the construction sites of various townships (towns, streets) for squatting guidance. The 25 townships (towns, streets) were divided into three districts to implement package inspection and supervision. Solve the difficulties and problems in the rectification work and effectively ensure the smooth implementation of the rectification work.

From 2018 to 2019, 5802 rural dilapidated houses were completed in the county, 5342 households were completed in the “three reforms”, and 4,369 first-class dilapidated houses were demolished, achieving separation of kitchens from toilets, separation of toilets, separation of humans and animals, living functions of houses, and health and health conditions. Greatly improved, the appearance of the village looks completely new.

What about the rural people who live in the deep mountainous areas and the stone mountainous areas, and the poor natural conditions lead to "one party cannot support one party with water and soil"?

Shuicheng County regards ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation as the “leading weapon” to win the battle against poverty. It defines the regional conditions and the conditions for relocating families, and resettles in county towns and economic development zones based on economic factors with strong agglomeration functions, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities, and large population capacity. The resettlement is mainly supplemented by the resettlement of market towns and parks, with 28 posts resettled and resettled by fixed positions and production, and 65,443 natural villages have been relocated and resettled. Population 49,117 people).

During the construction of Haiping resettlement sites, Shuicheng County organically combined the construction of scenic spots with the construction of resettlement sites, innovated the "three changes" model, and implemented a number of resettlement measures such as training, employment, and entrepreneurship, forming a new urbanization-driven area The development pattern of the tourism industry within the county has triggered the "first shot" of the county's resettlement of ex-situ poverty alleviation resettlement sites, and has created a "haiping model" of ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation, which can be used for reference, and has realized moving a village and building a scenic spot. The goal of the rich people.

"Move out" is only the first step. To make the relocated residents "stable", we must also arrange supporting facilities to solve worries.

There are numerous “small high-rise buildings” in Qianyu style, with wide asphalt roads clean and tidy; supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and community service facilities such as greenery, squares, fitness equipment, etc. are readily available ... Entering Shuicheng Economic Development In the resettlement site for poverty alleviation and relocation in the district, the relocated masses moved in and out with smiles, and bursts of laughter came from time to time, showing a harmonious and happy life.

This new type of urban community, called Xinqiao Community, is an ex-situ poverty alleviation resettlement site built by Shuicheng County based on the advantages of a large number of enterprises and employment in the Economic Development Zone. The planned resettlement scale is 2984 households with 13,510 people.

Taking the creation of a "harmonious community and a vibrant community" as the carrier, Shuicheng County innovates and promotes the follow-up support for ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation, and strives to create a "service-type", "development-type", "cultural-type", "rule-of-law", "vigorous", and "five-type" community. Make every effort to do a good job in the “second half of the article” on relocating the poor to ensure that the relocated people can move out, be stable, and be rich.

Shuicheng County incorporated resettlement sites into the local townships (towns, streets) for management. 20 new party branches were established, 20 community comprehensive service centers were established, 36 schools (kindergartens) were newly built, renovated (expanded), and employment and entrepreneurship service windows were established. 16, establish Liangdu Jinxiufang 24, Liangdu Women's Night School, 13 "Qingchuanghui" positions, 13 "4:30 class", 9 parity shopping supermarkets, 2 day care centers, There are 5 elderly care centers, 14 children's activity centers, 7 happy homes, 17 library reading rooms, 18 broadcasting rooms, 17 cultural and sports activities rooms, 16 propaganda and cultural corridors, and 2 homesickness halls. A steady employment of 22,288 people will be achieved in the relocated labor force, and more than 1 person in each household will have stable employment.

"After moving to the resettlement site, I can not only work in the factory, but also use my spare time to study peasant painting creation at the peasant painting creation base. The income is more and more every day. The relocated family Xiong Xiang expressed his heartfelt feelings.

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