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City issued a "plan" to accurately implement the classification of domestic waste

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(Reporter Zhang Lan) A few days ago, the reporter learned from relevant departments that in order to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council ’s decision-making and deployment of ecological civilization, and seriously implement the central and provincial circulars and requirements for the classification of domestic waste, our city has issued the “Liupanshui City Life Implementation Plan for Garbage Classification (hereinafter referred to as the plan), to effectively promote and deepen the classification of domestic garbage.

The "Plan" requires that in 2019, municipal and county (city, special zone, district) and Liupanshui high-tech zones comprehensively deploy domestic waste classification work, formulate and implement a domestic waste classification implementation plan, and establish a work promotion mechanism; The urban waste zones in the special zone and the city of Panzhou have comprehensively implemented the classification of domestic waste, and a number of demonstration zones for the classification of domestic waste have been launched (no less than 10 in Zhongshan District, including no less than one in the street; , Shuicheng County demonstration area is not less than 3, of which street demonstration area is not less than 1; Liupanshui High-tech Zone demonstration area is not less than 1). The construction of the city's domestic garbage classification infrastructure was initiated; exploration, research, and formulation of relevant laws, regulations, and systems for the classification of domestic garbage in our city. In 2020, the city's domestic waste classification rules and regulations will be basically established; the counties (cities, special zones, districts) and the Liupanshui High-tech Zone's domestic waste classification demonstration zone will be basically completed; the city's urban domestic waste classification coverage will reach more than 30%, and the domestic waste recycling rate More than 35%. In 2021, the classification coverage of urban domestic waste in Liuzhi Special Zone, Panzhou City, Shuicheng County, and Liupanshui High-tech Zone will reach more than 40%; the classification coverage of urban domestic waste in Zhongshan District will reach more than 50%; ; The city's domestic garbage recycling rate has reached more than 40%. In 2022, research and establish local regulations for the classification of domestic garbage in our city; Zhongshan District will achieve full coverage of urban domestic garbage classification; Liuzhi Special Zone, Panzhou City, Shuicheng County, Liupanshui High-tech Zone will cover more than 50% of urban domestic garbage classification, demonstration area Achieve full coverage of domestic garbage classification. The city's domestic garbage classification infrastructure has been basically completed, and the recycling rate of domestic garbage has reached more than 45%. In 2025, the city ’s urban and rural domestic waste classification will basically achieve full coverage; the domestic waste classification infrastructure is operating normally; the domestic waste classification related laws and regulations system, operation management system, and the entire social governance system are basically completed, and domestic waste The recycling rate has reached more than 50%.

In order to ensure the comprehensive advancement of waste sorting in key areas such as public institutions, enterprises, urban residents, and rural domestic waste, the Plan clearly stipulates that the city will accelerate the construction of domestic waste separation and collection infrastructure, focusing on "wet and dry separation". Catering waste (kitchen waste) is separately stored in catering establishments, unit canteens, specialty markets for agricultural products, large supermarkets, etc., and in-situ treatment is advocated. Accelerate the construction of domestic garbage classification and transfer facilities, actively construct a domestic garbage classification collection and transportation system with “complete system, reasonable layout, advanced technology, environmental protection and high efficiency”, promote the integration of collection, transfer and processing, and promote the transfer of professional services to residential quarters to achieve , Collection, transportation "seamless docking of the logistics chain.

In order to ensure the effective implementation of the "Proposal", the relevant departments of our city will establish and improve relevant policies and regulations, and promote the standardization and normalization of domestic garbage classification in a deep and lasting manner. Establish and improve a long-term mechanism for publicity and education, and vigorously promote the popularization of knowledge on the classification of domestic waste and public welfare. Innovatively promote the input and management mechanism of domestic waste classification funds, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism for the classification, recovery and treatment of domestic waste, mainly based on social capital input. Establish and improve a supervision and management mechanism to deal with subjects and individuals who have not standardized the classification and treatment of domestic garbage in accordance with regulations. Establish and improve a stable and sustainable fund input guarantee mechanism, and improve the charging mechanism in accordance with the polluter pays principle. Establish and improve a domestic waste classification and coordination mechanism, clarify the division of responsibilities, and strive to establish a coordinated and coordinated cooperative mechanism.

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