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Li Gang emphasized the use of heating heat to increase the temperature of people's livelihood and allow the people to enjoy the warm winter when investigating centralized heating work in the downtown area.

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On December 26, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Li Gang investigated the central heating work in the downtown area. He emphasized that it is necessary to firmly establish a people-centered development thinking, further compact the responsibilities, improve the mechanism, and refine the measures, and solidly promote urban central heating, do a good job, do a good job, and increase the temperature of people ’s livelihood with heating heat, so that the people Enjoy the warm winter.

Deputy Mayor Zhang Qianfei surveyed together, and Long Yu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shougang Shuigang (Group) Company, participated in some of the surveys.

In the municipal experimental elementary school and the municipal special school, Li Gang went to the teacher's office, classroom, and student dormitory to check the heating facilities, feel the indoor temperature, and asked the teachers and students about the effect of centralized heating to see if they were satisfied with the heating. Li Gang said that children are the future of the motherland. It is the incumbent responsibility of the party committee and government to care about education and care for the growth of children. Schools and heating companies should strengthen communication and collaboration, establish a sound and reasonable management system as soon as possible, fully protect the school's heating needs, and allow children to study and grow up in a warm and comfortable environment.

Li Gang checked the temperature of the radiator in the classroom at the Municipal Experimental Primary School. Photo by Zhou Xuehui

"Is the home warm?" "Is there any problem solved in a timely manner?" In Jinhua New Era District and Liangdu Impression City District, Li Gang came to the residents' homes and worked with them to learn more about the heating situation. After hearing that they were very satisfied with the central heating, Li Gang was very happy and told the heating enterprises to strengthen the daily maintenance of the heating equipment, solve the problems reported by the people in a timely manner, and provide higher standards and higher quality heating services to make the people warm and warm. warm.

Entering Shougang Shuigang (Group) Company's No. 3 blast furnace slag water heat exchange station and the city heat company's first heat exchange site, Li Gang carefully listened to the heating situation report and asked in detail about the heating scope, pipe network renovation and water supply pressure and temperature. He emphasized that on the basis of the existing work, it is necessary to effectively strengthen the optimization of heating systems and technological transformation and upgrades, and continuously expand the coverage and heating area of the heating network in downtown areas, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of centralized heating.

Li Gang investigated at the first station of the city's heat transfer company. Photo by Zhou Xuehui

During the survey, Li Gang emphasized that advancing central heating in cities is a major livelihood project that affects the general public's warmth and winter, and improves the quality of life. It is of great significance to enhance the image of Liupanshui city and enhance the quality of the city. It is necessary to further improve the political standing and take a long-term view , Scientific planning, reasonable layout, full support for centralized heating work, make this livelihood project do a good job, so that the winter of Liupanshui becomes warm as spring, so that the masses have a sense of gain and happiness.

Municipal Government Secretary-General Luo Zixiang, Zhongshan District Government and city officials participated in the survey.

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