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Wang Zhong and Li Gang participate in the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee

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(Reporter Chen Yingjun) On December 26, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee held a meeting to convey the learning spirit of the Provincial Party Committee Army Meeting and the 2019 Municipal (Prefecture), Gui'an New District, and Provincial Party Committee (Work) Party Committee members to review and apprehend the party building work. Study and implement opinions in our city.

Municipal Party Secretary Wang Zhong presided over the meeting and spoke. Li Gang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor of the municipal people's congress, Huang Jin, chairman of the CPPCC, Wang Li, chairman of the party committee of the CPPCC, Wang Li, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee, municipal people's congress standing committee, municipal government, and CPPCC, courts, procuratorates, Comrades in charge of Liupanshui Teachers College and Liupanshui Junior College attended the meeting.

The meeting emphasized that the correct direction of the armed work should be firmly grasped, and Xi Jinping's strong military thinking should be used in a thorough study, comprehensive theoretical strengthening, political leadership, and unwavering adherence to the party's absolute leadership over the army. It is necessary to comprehensively improve emergency response capabilities, make full efforts to advance military training and combat readiness training, continue to deepen the militia adjustment and reform, strive to improve the quality of recruiting work, and ensure that "calling is coming, fighting is coming, and winning is the battle." To promote the continued solidarity of the military, government, and civilians, focus on solving problems such as the insufficient implementation of party control and armed forces, the ineffectiveness of the main defense mobilization industry, and the irregular construction of grass-roots armed forces, solidly promote the establishment of a "double support model city", and thoroughly implement the development strategy of military-civilian integration. Consolidate and develop solid military-political, military-civilian relations.

The meeting emphasized the need to comprehensively strengthen the party's political construction, adhere to the party's political construction as the command, thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important statement on party building, and firmly grasp the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping to implement the spirit of implementation and loyalty "Two Maintenances." It is necessary to do a good job of party building and promote poverty alleviation, adhere to the mission of the original heart as the driving force, comprehensively build strong fighting fortresses, give play to the role of "two committees, one team and three people", extensively consolidate strong attack and solidarity, and ensure high-quality party building to ensure timely and high-quality combat. Win the battle against poverty. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the party's responsibility to strictly and rigorously implement the party's responsibility, adhere to the implementation of responsibility as a guarantee, focus on the main responsibility and grasp the main business, and focus on the implementation of responsibility, reform and innovation, grassroots foundations, and work style to ensure that all work tasks are implemented. It is necessary to carry forward the spirit of self-revolution, continue to strengthen the deterrence that does not dare to corrupt, earnestly secure cages that cannot be corrupted, and constantly increase the consciousness of not wanting to be corrupted;

The meeting also studied other matters.

Relevant departments of the municipal government are mainly responsible for comrades to attend the meeting.

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