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Li Gang emphasized high-quality preparations for the preparation of the Liupanshui Industrial Product Matchmaking Conference in 2019, which provided high-quality services for enterprises and set off a wave of promoting the development of the real economy.

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(Reporter Li Jia) The 2019 Liupanshui Industrial Product Matching Conference will be held on December 21 at the Liupanshui Convention and Exhibition Center. On December 19, Li Gang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, emphasized in the investigation of the preparations that high-quality preparatory work should be done to provide enterprises with high-quality services. Through this production and marketing matchmaking meeting, the ends of the industrial chain will be met, so that both supply and demand parties will Full exchanges will promote further docking between banks and enterprises, and set off a wave of promoting the development of the real economy.

Li Gang understands the company's participation in new products. Photo by Zhou Xuehui

At the Liupanshui Convention and Exhibition Center, the staff is organizing the venue in an orderly manner, and some exhibitors are displaying exhibits. Li Gang successively walked into 10 product display areas such as civil industrial products, industrial supporting services, aluminum and aluminum processing, etc., to inquire the exhibitors about the progress of the exhibition in detail, listen to the product introduction, and understand the enthusiasm of everyone to participate in this production and marketing matchmaking meeting. After coming to the exhibition area of civil industrial products, after conscientiously understanding the cost and market of sponge products from the person in charge of Tongsheng Sponge Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Li Gang told the person in charge of the enterprise to take the initiative to seek cooperation with textile companies through this production and marketing matchmaking meeting. Reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness. When I came to the aluminum and aluminum processing exhibition area and communicated with the leaders of enterprises such as Shuangyuan Aluminum and Nineteen Aluminum, I learned that through the exhibition, everyone had a deeper understanding of the products and production equipment of related companies, and gained a lot. Li Gang said happily that he hopes that everyone will continue to strengthen communication and exchanges, solve the problem of asymmetric information, form an industrial development system that complements and complements each other, and promote the growth of the aluminum and aluminum processing industry. In the textile enterprise exhibition area, the person in charge of Wuyang Garment Factory introduced that he had reached a cooperation intention with Hong Kong businessmen. Li Gang said that he hoped that enterprises would find more business opportunities and promote their own development through the production and sales matchmaking. Subsequently, Li Gang came to the financial service docking area and carefully checked the preparations. He pointed out that he hoped that financial institutions would actively participate in this activity and provide more support for the real economy.

Li Gang understands the products exhibited in the water steel exhibition area. Photo by Zhou Xuehui

During the survey, Li Gang emphasized that while maintaining a frugal meeting, the environment of the exhibition area should be more refined to provide a good environment for exhibitors. It is necessary to do detailed pre-heating work to allow exhibitors to fully grasp the content of the production and marketing matchmaking and the situation of related companies, and carry out targeted exchanges and negotiations to improve the effectiveness of this production and marketing matchmaking. It is necessary to win more support from all types of media at all levels, increase publicity, and attract more enterprises from both the city and abroad to participate. In the preparatory process, we must pay attention to discovering problems and summing up experiences, so as to provide a reference for holding such events in the future.

Luo Zixiang, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, and responsible persons of relevant municipal departments participated in the survey.

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