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Speech by Mayor Li Gang at the China International Big Data Industry Expo Liupan Moisture Venue

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Clouds gather in Liangdu, Caiyun Fei

---- Speech of Liupan Moisture Venue at China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019

(May 25, 2019)

Li Gang

Dear leaders, experts, guests,

Ladies, gentlemen, friends:

good morning, everyone!

In the age of things, wisdom is shared. In the past two years, when the China International Big Data Industry Expo was held in Guiyang, we all held the Internet of Things Summit Forum to bring together wisdom and discuss the growth and development of the Internet of Things industry. Today, our common pursuits and common dreams have brought us together again in Liangdu. Here, on behalf of the Liupanshui Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal Government, the CPPCC, and the city's more than 3.4 million people of all ethnic groups, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all leaders, experts, and guests present at the event! I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone for their long-term care and support for Liupanshui!

General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out that “Since the 21st century, global scientific and technological innovation has entered an era of unprecedented intensive activity.” It is at such an important period of historic significance that Guizhou has implemented the province ’s big data strategy and issued a “colorful Guizhou Caiyunfei "era strong voice. Liupanshui, China ’s Liangpanshui “Cool” under the “Large Numbers”, the big data carefully cultivated by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, has created the IoT of Liangdu. Based on the actual use of the Internet of Things as a starting point for implementing big data strategic actions, we will develop a new digital economy and embrace the new era of the Internet of Things. We started with the IoT Summit Forum held in 2017, focused on the top-level design, formulated a special plan for the development of the IoT industry in Liupanshui, built a "Liangduyun" local data resource pool, and 585 non-confidential application systems at city and county levels With all access, the concept of "one network, one world, one place forever" is gradually becoming a reality. We are committed to fostering a good development ecology, incorporating the Internet of Things into the seven major industry sectors. The city gathers more than 200 Internet of Things related companies such as Golden Fingerprint and Guizhou Qualcomm, with nearly 10,000 employees. The scale of the Internet of Things and related industries exceeds 8 billion yuan. Taking information infrastructure construction as a breakthrough, we have completed high-speed interconnection with the direct connection points of the national Internet backbone of Guiyang and Gui'an, taking the lead in realizing the full coverage of the narrowband IoT in the province, laying a good foundation for the coming of the 5G IoT era. We take major application demonstrations as a guide and vigorously promote application scenarios. In the areas of government governance and people ’s livelihood, smart urban management, smart environmental protection, Liupanshui “safe cloud”, “smart Liangdu” bus app, and “playing Liupanshui” tourism have emerged. With a number of application models such as APP, the Internet of Things is leading the new revolution in smart production and creating a new space for smart living in Liangdu.

The industrialization of China's Internet of Things began in 2009, and the first year of Guizhou's big data development was 2014. Ten years ago, the Internet of Things went from "concept" to "practice" in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and quickly swept the country. Five years ago, big data surged in the colorful clouds of Guizhou, and became a beautiful business card for Guizhou to go global. Mr. Ma Yun said at the World Internet of Things Expo 2017, "Internet of Things and big data of cloud computing, together, is the real future." Today, the Internet of Things and big data are growing together on the cloud, accelerating growth. Generate big data, big data supports the Internet of Things, and the combination of the Internet of Things and big data constitutes the entire process from perception to cognition, making the intelligent connection of all things possible. The theme of this event is "Cloud-Cool Liangdu · The Future of the Internet of Things" as the theme, which is to focus on key areas and key links such as production, life, and ecology through big data and in-depth dialogue with the Internet of Things, further promote application scenarios, and promote the Internet of Things. Application on a large scale will improve people's quality of life, improve social management efficiency, and promote high-quality economic and social development.

Ladies and gentlemen! In the Internet of Things Summit Forum held in the past two years, we have taken “Internet of Everything” as the main line of discussions, and sent the beautiful vision of “Oneness of Man and One” and “Oneness of Everything” for the Internet of Things. Taoist founder Lao Tzu has a famous saying: Tao born one, two born two, three born three, and three born three things. The "three" is regarded as the qualitative starting point for creating everything. Today, this is the third IoT forum held in Liupanshui. I hope that this third discussion and exchange will become a new starting point for the qualitative development of Liupanshui's big data and the Internet of Things industry. In the combination of big data and the Internet of Things, the "cloud" Juliangdu Caiyun Fei, a new world of intellectually connected things ".

Finally, I wish the event a complete success! I wish all leaders, guests and friends good health and good luck!

thank you all!

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