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A letter from Mayor Li Gang to the citizens on "June 5th" World Environment Day 2019

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Defending the blue sky, we work together

——A Letter to the Citizens on June 5th World Environment Day 2019

Dear citizens,

How are you

Today is the 48th "World Environment Day", and the Chinese theme is "Battle of the Blue Sky, I am an Actor" with a focus on air pollution. It aims to promote the exploration of renewable energy and green technologies to jointly improve the air in cities and regions around the world. quality.

In January this year, the World Health Organization released the top ten threats to global health in 2019, with air pollution ranking first. As a heavy industrial city that emerged during the construction of the "third-tier" construction, Liupanshui encountered severe air pollution. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the treatment of air pollution. After long-term unremitting efforts throughout the city, the city's ambient air quality has continued to improve, achieving "return to the common people, blue sky, white clouds and twinkling stars." Especially since April last year, in order to solve the problem of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and reverse the passive situation of the province's ambient air quality, we will use the power of the city to carry out in-depth six special rectification operations of dust pollution in the downtown area . It achieved staged victory in 2018, and the excellent rate of ambient air quality in the downtown area reached 96.4% in 2018. The average concentration of major pollutants PM10 and PM2.5 reached the national second-level standard for the first time; from March 23 last year to the present, No polluted weather occurred for 1 day. The achievement of these achievements is the result of the city's concerted efforts and hard work, and the result of the active response and enthusiastic participation of the general public. Here, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the citizens who care and support and actively participate in environmental protection!

Winning the defense of the blue sky is a major decision and deployment made by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is related to meeting the people's growing needs for a better life. It is related to high-quality economic development and the construction of beautiful Liupanshui. It is related to the overall situation of ecological civilization construction and comprehensive. Building a well-off society is a long-term process. We must fight both tough and protracted wars. We will continue to win the defense of the blue sky as the top priority in solving outstanding ecological and environmental problems, resolutely implement the "Ten Atmospheric Principles", adhere to overall planning, systematic planning, and precise policy, and carry out in depth six major special rectification actions for dust pollution. Beginning, ending, and doing good, continue to consolidate the results of governance, accelerate the formation of a long-term mechanism to ensure that dust pollution does not rebound; vigorously implement comprehensive management of loose coal, accelerate the replacement of coal by electricity and gas, and ensure this year's downtown area and Liuzhi Special Economic Zone In Panzhou City, the urban built-up area and surrounding towns and villages basically have no coal-fired facilities for enterprises and institutions, and residents' cooking has basically become coal-free, and efforts have been made to solve the problem of coal-fired pollution; comprehensively promote the pollution source treatment, and accelerate the desulfurization, denitration, and dust removal reconstruction projects in key industries In order to ensure the achievement of the standard discharge, effectively reduce the total discharge of major pollutants; strengthen the emergency management and control of air pollution, strengthen the joint prevention and control, early deployment, early intervention and effective response, and effectively eliminate the polluting weather in the bud state.

Citizen friends, it is everyone's responsibility to win the battle to defend the blue sky. Let's adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly implement the thought of ecological civilization of internship, work together, prevent and cure, and jointly win the battle for the years of the defense of the blue sky. , Make the cool weather and the cool air together into a beautiful business card for China ’s cool capital, so that all the citizens of Liangdu and all guests from all directions can indulge in the green mountains, enjoy the blue sky and white clouds, breathe clean air, and harvest more blue sky happiness sense!

Mayor Li Gang

June 5, 2019

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