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Mayor Li Gang's speech at the opening ceremony of the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival 2019 (Guizhou Kiwi Harvest Festival, the first Liangdu Kiwi Festival) and the 6th “Eco-cooled · High Mountain Treasures” Special Agricultural Products Fair

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凉都三宝 ,让生活更好 " Three Treasures in the Cool City " to make life better

2019 年中国农民丰收节(贵州猕猴桃丰收节、首届 ---- In the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival 2019 (Guizhou Harvest Festival, the first

· 高山珍品Kiwi Festival in Liangdu) and the 6th " Eco-Liliang · Treasures of Mountains "

Speech at the opening ceremony of the special agricultural product exhibition

9 21 日) (September 21 , 2019 )

Li Gang

Dear leaders, guests, farmer brothers, business friends:

Thank you all for attending the 6th "Eco Cool City · Alpine Treasures" Special Agricultural Products Fair and celebrating the 2019 Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival with us.

A bumper harvest is always an eager expectation. When we talk about the bumper harvest, we are talking about the fruitful harvests in the fields, we are talking about the bright smiles that bloom on the farmers' faces.

A good harvest of kiwi. Photo by Wang Lianghao

In recent years, Liupanshui has thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important exposition on the work of “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers”, and in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to “promote a profound industrial revolution to rejuvenate the rural economy”, insist on doing nothing and changing The barren mountains and slopes are thousands of hectares of good land. In the past, Liupanshui, the worst agricultural condition in the province, has now become a rising industry. We insist on grabbing the market by scale and setting the market size. The city's mountainous agricultural planting area reaches 3.97 million mu. The scale of prickly pear and kiwi cultivation ranks first in the province. Modern agriculture has become another dark horse to promote high-quality development. We insist on having our own homes. We don't need our own weaknesses to beat others' strengths, and we have taken a distinctive and differentiated development path, especially the "Three Treasures of the Cool City"-spring tea, prickly pear, and kiwi. The market is growing.

Selenium-rich Tea Industry Demonstration Park in Shuicheng County (data map) .

"Shuichengchun" early spring tea, "Drinking and drinking, spring is here" has become popular all over the world, occupying an important place in the tea industry in Guizhou;

Panfu Tianfu Curry Pear Park, Jiaxi Village, Panguan Town (data map).

"King of Victoria C" and "Guizhou Holy Fruit"-Prickly Pear, which is sticky to the touch and eats to support people. The planting area is more than 1.1 million mu, and the production and processing capacity is the largest in the country;

"Mi You Hong" red heart kiwi, "A red heart goes out of the world, and a life full of intoxication" is not only well-known in the country, but also known overseas. After exporting to Russia, Canada and other places last year, this year it has opened up overseas markets such as Dubai. .

Qishan Xiushui produces precious fruits, Liupanshui is a magical land, and it has also bred juicy and sweet soft-seed pomegranates, delicious summer mushrooms, warm-hearted little yellow ginger, and so on. These are all rural industrial revolutions. Bear fruit.

In the industrial revolution, we reformed this golden belt of poverty alleviation through the "three changes" to let farmers enjoy the fruits of the revolution and the joy of a bumper harvest. Last year, 98,500 poor people achieved poverty alleviation during the industrial revolution, accounting for 91.2% of the city's 108,000 people out of poverty; this year, the "Three Treasures of Liangdu" alone radiated more than 800,000 people to increase their income. The booming rural industry has made the lives of farmers more happy.

Picking Shuicheng Spring.

Dear leaders and guests, make the "Three Treasures of the Cool City" to make life better.

Drinking back to Shuichengchun, the throat is moist, the loneliness is broken, and his life is uneven, and he spreads to the pores;

Pick a basket of prickly pear fruit, burn the red stove, and enjoy the wine. The new brewed prickly pear invites you to get drunk, and is full of sweet rice for three years;

Try a piece of kiwi, which is wonderful, and it is impossible to say. Mo and the mountains know that it is the red heart that is drunk and peaceful.

Welcome again to Liupanshui. When you discover China's Liangdu, you will find the secret code to fight poverty; if you taste "Three Treasures of Liangdu", you will taste the fruits of the industrial revolution.

I wish all leaders and guests good health and good luck!

thank you all!

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