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Procurement Notice of Liupanshui Youth Activity Center

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采购单位 :六盘水 市青少年活动中心 I. Purchasing unit : Liupanshui Youth Activity Center

采购 项目 :六盘水 市青少年活动中心监控采购及 卫生间 改造工程。 1. Procurement project : The monitoring and procurement of the Youth Activity Center in Liupanshui and the renovation of the toilet .

2 (监控采购一批、卫生间改造大小 7 间及收缩缝防水维修 )。 2. Purchase quantity: 2 items (monitoring and purchasing a batch, toilet renovation size 7 rooms and shrink joint waterproof repair ).

7 卫生间改造 32.5 (含收缩缝防水维修)、监控采购一批 9.5 万元。 3. Procurement budget: 75,000 toilets are remodeled for 325,000 yuan (including shrinkage joint waterproof repair), and a batch of 95,000 yuan is monitored for procurement .

42 万元。 Total budget: 420,000 yuan.

. 服务 完成 时间:合同签订后 60 天内 完成(可结合实际双方协议)。 4. Service completion time: completed within 60 days after signing the contract (can be combined with the actual agreement between the two parties).

. 交货地点或服务地点:六盘水 市青少年活动中心。 5. Delivery place or service place: Liupanshui Youth Activity Center.

. 其他事项:供应商自行到现场踏勘 6. Other matters: Suppliers will visit the site on their own .

、确认供应商方式:本次采购项目 由市青少年中心招投标 领导小组对 商家 资质条件、服务履约能力、最终报价 等进行 综合评议,按照公开公平竞争和优质服务 原则, 通过询价方式, 最终 价格适中、质量优质、售后服务到位来 确定供应商,不保证最低价中标,报价超 预算的不予确认 Second , the method of confirming the supplier: The bidding and leading group of the city's youth center will comprehensively evaluate the qualifications, service performance capabilities, and final quotation of the business for this procurement project . In accordance with the principles of open and fair competition and quality service , the inquiry method will be adopted. In the end , the supplier is determined based on the moderate price, high quality and after-sales service in place . There is no guarantee that the lowest price will be won, and the quotation exceeding the budget will not be confirmed .

、供应商资格要求: Third , supplier qualification requirements:

1. Qualified as an independent legal person.

2. The business scope of the business license must include the content of this purchase .

采购。 3. Consortium purchases are not accepted for this purchase.

具有三级资质以上。 4. Have three or more qualifications.

、签约方式:确定供应商后,合作双方需在 5 个工作日内签订合同。 4. Signing method: After the supplier is determined, the two parties must sign the contract within 5 working days.

、相关时间和地点 V. Relevant time and place

递交询价资料 时间: 2019 12 20 日至 2019 12 28 止( 逾期递交的响应文件恕不接受) 1.Inquiry information submission time: December 20 , 2019 to December 28 , 2019 ( Response documents submitted after the deadline will not be accepted)

、询价单位地址:六盘水 市青少年活动中心办公室 Address of inquiry unit: Liupanshui Youth Activity Center Office

、项目联系人: 陆敏、李智 Project contacts: Lu Min, Li Zhi

联系电话: 0858 - 8765208 13985941006 13885866660 Phone: 0858-8765208 , 13985941006 , 13885866660

六盘水合格的供应商前来参与 Welcome Liupanshui qualified suppliers to come and participate .

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