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Of the Office of the Municipal Government to Promote the Transformation of Government Functions and the Coordination Group of the “Release Management Service” Reform on the Release of the “Seven Lists” of the Reform of the “Release Management Service” of the Municipal Government Departments in Liupanshui City in 2019

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2019 3 Letter from Liupanshui Discharge Management Team [ 2019 ] No. 3

The people's governments of counties, cities, special zones, and districts, the management committee of Liupanshui High-tech Zone, relevant departments of the city, and relevant units of the provincial government in the city:

“放管服”改革,提升行政权力运行效率,按照《省政府办公厅关于编制公布“放管服”改革“七张清单”的通知》要求,在对照机构改革后市本级新调整公布的“权责清单”和2018 年公布的“六张清单”基础上,组织市直 34 家单位编制了《 2019 年度市政府部门“放管服”改革“七张清单”》(以下简称《七张清单》),经市人民政府同意,现予以公布。 In order to accelerate the transformation of government functions, continue to deepen the reform of "decentralized management services" and improve the efficiency of administrative power operation. In accordance with the requirements of the "Notice of the Provincial Government Office on the Compilation and Promulgation of the" Seven Lists "of" Decentralized Management Services "Reform, Based on the newly adjusted “list of powers and responsibilities” released at the current level at this level and the “six lists” announced in 2018 , 34 municipal units were organized to compile the “seven lists” for the reform of the “decentralization of service” of municipal government departments in 2019 (Hereinafter referred to as the "Seven Lists"), with the consent of the Municipal People's Government, are now published.

Relevant departments should further improve their work style, strengthen the service concept, strictly exercise power in accordance with the requirements of the "Seven Checklists", strive to improve the efficiency of administrative approval and the level of convenience for approval services, and strive to create a fair and just legal environment and an efficient and convenient government environment. Provide a strong guarantee for the city to optimize the business environment and promote economic and social development.

2019年度市政府部门“放管服”改革“七张清单”.xls Attachment: "Seven Checklists" for the "Release of Administration Services" Reform of Municipal Government Departments in 2019.xls

12 30 December 30 , 2019

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