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[Shuicheng County] The theme party day activities of the Bureau of Statistics entered the village

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In order to effectively promote the orderly and effective implementation of "machine-related grassroots" party building work, the Statistics Bureau of Shuicheng County has recently reached the village contact point and paired up help point in Budong Village, Bide Town, to carry out the theme party day activity. .

The joint construction activities were mainly carried out in four aspects: “visiting the poor party members”, “health assessment of the poor households”, “habitat environmental sanitation improvement”, and “symposium exchange”. Through the joint construction method, the distance between party members at the organs and grassroots party members was narrowed. Promote the standardization of party branches on both sides.

Conduct visits and condolences to enhance cohesion. In order to help practically solve the practical difficulties of poor party members in life, to further reflect the party organization's care for the poor party members, and to strengthen the cohesion of the party members, the bureau and Bu Gong Village formed three sympathy groups to visit and visit 11 Po Gong Village members. , Send them warm care and kind greetings to the party and government.

Carry out health evaluations to help fight poverty. The evaluation is mainly based on comprehensive assessment of whether the roads around the poor households are clean, whether indoor and outdoor hygiene are tidy, whether beds are stacked neatly, and supplies are arranged in an orderly manner. The family environment is good, the courtyards are clean and tidy, and hygiene is important. The poor households praised them on the spot and persuaded and educated the poor households with poor environmental sanitation with material rewards such as rice and washing powder, and further promoted the poor households to improve the sanitation of human settlements, form a good social atmosphere, and help them overcome poverty.

Carry out discussions and exchanges, and give full play to party building leadership. The two sides comprehensively summarized the work to overcome poverty, identified existing difficulties and deficiencies, and conducted exchanges and discussions on how to use the party's leadership to promote poverty alleviation. In the next step, the two sides will adhere to the leadership of party building, give play to the role of the party organization as a fortress and party member's vanguard role model, and work hard to overcome poverty and work hard for the common people. Purpose of the service. (Xue Dean)

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