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[Liuzhi Special Economic Zone] "Internet + Mediation" Provides mediation convenience

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A few days ago, the Labor and Personnel Dispute Mediation Center of Dazhi Town, Liuzhi Special Zone cooperated with the town comprehensive management office and other units to carry out "Internet + Mediation" publicity activities.

On the same day, the staff distributed nearly 800 copies of publicity materials such as "Labor and Personnel Disputes Primary Mediation Organization & Labor Security, 39 Questions and Answers", "National Labor and Personnel Disputes" Internet + Mediation "" and other live demonstrations. The operation process of the "Internet + mediation" service platform. Through publicity activities, not only the legal awareness of the masses was enhanced, but also the influence of the "Internet + mediation" service platform was expanded, which provided convenience for the masses to apply for mediation of labor and personnel disputes without leaving home.

Photo by Ye Xiaoqin reporter Yang Lin

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