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[Panzhou] Four strengthening and continuous consolidation of poverty alleviation

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“四个不摘政策”要求,坚持强化政治责任、强化帮扶工作、强化问题整改、强化督促指导,精准发力,持续巩固脱贫攻坚成效。 Poverty alleviation work has entered a period of decisive battle. Panzhou City always adheres to the work of poverty alleviation as the first people's livelihood project. Focusing on consolidating the results of poverty alleviation, it strictly adheres to the requirements of the "Four No Picking Policies", insists on strengthening political responsibilities, strengthening assistance work, Strengthen problem rectification, strengthen supervision and guidance, make precise efforts, and continue to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation.

The first is to strengthen political responsibility. All townships (towns, sub-districts) and departments have made it a major political task to do a good job in fighting poverty, consolidate and improve various tasks, earnestly enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, and implement the high quality of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Government. Win the requirements of fighting the poverty on time, transmitting pressure at various levels, and compacting responsibilities. The main leaders personally get started, make arrangements, personally deploy, and personally study and solve related issues at work. Responsibility and high standards for all preparations.

The second is to strengthen assistance. “四个不摘”的要求,保持帮扶投入力度,强化到户帮扶工作不动摇,确保对帮扶对象的帮扶工作不松懈,做到用心用力用情真帮实帮,帮助谋划发展思路、制定发展措施,跟踪落实产业扶贫、就业培训、教育扶贫、健康扶贫等政策措施,确保政策落实到户到人不漏、不偏、不差,切实提高帮扶成效,不断提升群众对帮扶工作的认可度和满意度,不断巩固提升脱贫成效。 In accordance with the requirements of the "Four No Picks", maintain the support investment intensity, strengthen the household assistance work unswervingly, and ensure that the assistance work of the assistance target is not lax, so as to help the actual efforts with help Develop ideas, formulate development measures, track and implement industrial measures, employment training, education and health, and poverty alleviation policies and measures to ensure that the policies are implemented in a household-to-person manner without leaks, biases, or badness, and effectively improve the effectiveness of assistance, and continuously improve the masses' help. Support and recognition, and continue to improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation.

The third is to strengthen the rectification of problems. “回头看”的要求,针对督查、自查发现的问题,建立问题整改台账,逐村逐户逐人进行研究,及时采取对策措施,立即补齐短板,对问题突出的或者整改不到位的纳入督查通报,作为干部提拔任用、职称评聘、评先选优、年度考核和年终目标考核的重要依据。 All townships (towns, sub-districts) and departments attach great importance to it, and strictly follow the requirements of “looking back” on poverty alleviation , establish problems rectification accounts for problems found during supervision and self-examination, and conduct research on a village-by-household basis. Take countermeasures, immediately fill in the shortcomings, and include the inspection notices of outstanding issues or rectifications that are not in place, as an important basis for cadre promotion appointments, job title evaluations, first selections, annual evaluations, and year-end target evaluations.

The fourth is to strengthen supervision and guidance. “两不愁三保障”方面存在的突出问题开展督导,列出督查及反馈清单,明确责任和完成时限,督促逐项对账销号,加大执纪问责力度,坚决查处一些责任不落实、工作不实的人和事,确保工作有序推进,成效真实可靠。 Strictly promote the supervision and guidance of various tasks in poverty alleviation, adhere to the same mechanism of leadership supervision, industry supervision and special supervision, and conduct supervision around outstanding issues in "two cares and three guarantees" and list supervision Review the feedback list, clarify responsibilities and deadlines, supervise item-by-item reconciliation, increase discipline and accountability, and resolutely investigate and deal with people and things that do not fulfill their responsibilities and work in an inaccurate manner, and ensure that the work is carried out in an orderly manner and the results are real. reliable.

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