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[Panzhou] Take many measures to serve the masses to help push out poverty

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“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育,在劳务协作方面持续加大工作力度,通过全面宣传动员、落实优惠政策、全程跟踪服务、暖心稳岗等多种有针对性的帮扶措施,切实为群众办实事、办好事。 Panzhou City carried out in-depth education on the theme of “Do n’t forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind”, and continued to increase work in the field of labor service cooperation. Through comprehensive publicity and mobilization, implementation of preferential policies, follow-up services throughout the whole process, and heartwarming Support measures to do practical and good things for the masses.

The first is comprehensive publicity and mobilization. Through the employment channel release at the county, township and village levels, comprehensively publicize the preferential policies and Dalian posts, mobilize the unemployed poor labor force to export to the Jinpu New District of Dalian to achieve employment; promote the preferential policies and vocational schools and technical schools by Guide the mobilization of graduates from vocational schools and technical schools to the Jinpu New District of Dalian for employment; guide and assist responsible persons to recommend their positions, mobilize unemployed poor laborers to achieve employment, and do everything in policy promotion and guidance In fact, it is well known and well known.

The second is full-track tracking services. For those who are willing to export, a special person is arranged to follow up the service. Before the export, a meeting was held to explain in detail the export preferential policies, output posts, etc .; During the export, special staff members were arranged to accompany the entire process to provide services to the export staff. In order to meet the demand of the export staff for the post, the staff of the two places gave real-time real-time Docking and adjusting unit posts, doing a lot of policy interpretation and stabilization work; after the export, actively docking posts to resettle and find employment, and solve various problems raised by exporters at any time. Give full play to the role of labor service cooperation workstations, grass-roots service platforms and human resources service agencies, track the transfer of the employment situation of the poor labor force to establish a file, and provide public employment services in a timely manner. The relevant information of the transferred personnel was entered into the database in time to realize dynamic management. Earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the poor labor force who establish a file, and urge enterprises to sign and fulfill labor contracts, participate in social insurance, pay labor compensation in full and on time, actively improve labor conditions, and strengthen occupational health protection. At the same time, full consideration shall be given to the living habits of the transferred employees and necessary living care and humanistic care shall be given.

The third is to warm up and stabilize the post. 1 次;结合输出家庭情况,开展“三个一”活动,即建立一份台账、进行一次家访,帮助办一件实事,组织人员分别至输出人员家庭走访,为其家庭解决困难,动员输出人员家庭成员参与稳岗工作。 For any problems raised by the exporters in their work, arrange for a special person to coordinate and solve them in real time; carry out visits and condolences based on the actual work of the exporters, and arrange special condolences once for each of Panzhou and Jinpu New District ; “One” activity, that is, setting up a ledger, conducting a home visit, helping to do a practical matter, organizing personnel to visit the exporter's family, solving difficulties for their families, and mobilizing the family members of the exporter to participate in job stabilization. (Lin Quanguo)

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