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[Panzhou City] Deepening Poverty Alleviation Cooperation

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“一对一”帮扶合作机制,切实深化东西部结对帮扶工作,推动对口帮扶工作向部门、乡镇和村级延伸。 In recent years, Panzhou City has adhered to the construction of the party building belt and group construction, established a poverty-relief cooperation relationship with Dalian, established a cooperative and mutual assistance platform, strengthened the "one-to-one" assistance cooperation mechanism with Dalian at all levels , and effectively deepened the eastern and western partnerships. Support work, and promote the extension of counterpart support work to departments, towns and villages.

The first is to help in-depth development in pairs. 年以来,大连市 6 家市直部门、金普新区 4 个街道与盘州市 9 个乡镇建立结对帮扶关系、金普新区 3 个街道、 16 家企业、 2 个社会团体与盘州市 56 个贫困村建立结对帮扶关系。 Since 2018 , 6 municipal departments in Dalian, 4 sub-districts of Jinpu New District and 9 townships in Panzhou have established a pairing and supporting relationship, 3 sub-districts of Jinpu New District , 16 enterprises, 2 social groups and Panzhou 56 Pairs of poor villages to establish pairs of assistance relationship. 387.75 万元,开发专岗公益岗位 457 个、慰问贫困残疾人 10 人、帮助结对帮扶乡村发展产业、购买盘州 7 万元农特产品、资助建档立卡贫困学生 45 人。 A total of 3,877.5 million yuan of social assistance funds were invested in Panzhou , 457 specialized public welfare posts were developed, 10 people with disabilities were assisted , pairings were provided to help rural development of the industry, purchases of 70,000 yuan of agricultural special products in Panzhou, and funding for the establishment of archives There are 45 card poor students .

The second is the "group-type" assistance extended to towns and villages. 96 所学校与盘州 96 所中小学签订《结对帮扶协议书》,通过派出教师支教、开展送教送培、教学研讨、举办教学讲座培训等方式帮助提升帮扶学校教师理论水平和教学水平;选派 6 名教师到红果沙陀小学和双凤文笔小学开展教育“组团式”帮扶工作。 To achieve full coverage of “one-on-one” pairing assistance for primary and secondary schools, the Education and Cultural Tourism Bureau of Jinpu New District and Panzhou Education Bureau signed the “Dalian Jinpu New District Supporting Education Development Agreement of Panzhou”, and 96 schools and schools in Dalian 96 primary and secondary schools in the prefecture signed a "Pair of Assistance Agreement", which helps to improve the theoretical and teaching levels of teachers in helping schools by sending teachers to support teaching, conducting teaching and training, teaching seminars, and holding lectures and training. Go to Hongguo Shatuo Elementary School and Shuangfeng Wenbi Elementary School to carry out education "group-type" assistance work.

The third is to continue to promote medical collaboration and communication. Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Dalian University, Dalian Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Dalian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Jinzhou District First People's Hospital, and the Panzhou People's Hospital, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Second People's Hospital respectively signed the "Assistant Assistance Agreement", Dalian The Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to the University and the Panzhou People's Hospital signed a "group-type" assistance agreement. Through the implementation of the "Community of Medicine", it achieved full coverage of the assistance to Panzhou's impoverished township hospitals, and realized the coordinated reform, coordinated advancement, and simultaneous improvement of the management system and operating mechanism of county, township, and village medical institutions. Through the exchange of medical and health technical personnel to exchange learning, organize distance training and other methods to teach Dalian's advanced professional technology and cutting-edge medical information, set up a basic platform for Panzhou grass-roots medical staff to communicate with the state-level medical and health disciplines, greatly improving grass-roots medical services. Personnel medical theory level.

The fourth is to implement training for leaders in rich villages. 56.28 万元开展贫困村致富带头人培训 8 期,培训致富带头人 479 人,为致富带头人创业提供技术指导和知识培训,夯实脱贫基础,带动更多贫困人口增收。 Invested RMB5.628 million in Dalian's assistance funds to carry out 8 sessions of training for rich leaders in poor villages , training 479 rich leaders, providing technical guidance and knowledge training for rich leaders to start businesses, consolidating the foundation for poverty alleviation, and driving more poor people to increase their income. (Lin Quanguo)

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