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[Shuicheng County] A rescue management agency guarantees that the wandering beggars can pass the winter

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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the relevant documents of the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and to do a good job in the rescue management of "lifeless beggars" this winter and next spring to ensure that the beggars can survive the winter, recently, the Shuicheng County Rescue Management Station has passed the Guizhou Government Service Network Water City County sites actively do a good job of consulting, complaining and providing assistance to "lifeless beggars".

It is reported that after the winter, the Shuicheng County Civil Affairs Bureau gave full play to the role of rescue management and social welfare agencies, actively coordinated emergency management, medical care, urban management, public security and other related functional departments, according to the rescue process of inquiry, education, repatriation and other areas of Shuicheng County jurisdiction The stranded "lifeless beggars" carry out rescue services, in particular, carry out street inspections on special places such as long-distance bus stations, squares, bridges and caves, and provide timely assistance to those in need. At the same time, the rescue management mechanism and protection measures of Shuicheng County were continuously improved, and the management and reception of rescue stations were standardized.

The Shuicheng County Rescue Management Station is located on Welfare Road in Shuangshui New District. The staff is on duty 24 hours a day. People in need of assistance can apply for assistance through the rescue consultation telephone (0858-8102083), or apply online for assistance through the Shuicheng County website of the Guizhou Government Service Network. service.

Since this winter, the Shuicheng County Rescue Management Station has rescued 5 homeless beggars and managed 3 malicious beggings.

(Kong Yunfei)

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