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[Shuicheng County] Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau creates "service window" for public satisfaction

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Since 2019, the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Shuicheng County has continued to deepen the implementation of the "decentralization service" reform requirements, pay close attention to window business construction, service construction and style construction, and take the demands and issues of the masses as the starting point, regulate the window work discipline and acceptance behavior, and do all we can. By letting the masses "run up to one time at a time", all the examination and approval services and other services were completed 100% on time.

The administrative service window of the Shuicheng County Agricultural and Rural Bureau always adheres to the service tenet of “convenience and efficiency for the people” and the benchmark of “mass satisfaction and gain”, fully implements a new method, and uploads all model texts of “one window and one network” to The online service hall uses the "Internet + government service" model to promote information sharing and improve work efficiency; strictly implement the first-question responsibility system and one-time notification system to ensure that the masses can "do only one door and do everything".

At the same time, in combination with the actual continuous innovation of service methods, we launched on-site services, extended services, weekend booking services, green channels and other special services. In response to the common difficulties and problems of the working people, we will prepare templates for various business-related application materials for the reference of the working people, and guide and help the people to enter information online and transfer information on behalf of the people, so as to ensure that the people handle the matters at one time.

In 2019, the Shuicheng County Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau's administrative office handled a total of 1,711 items for approval and granted 1,671. In the monthly assessment of government service, its government service window has been awarded "Five Star Window" for a total of 11 times.

In the next step, the Shuicheng County Agricultural and Rural Bureau will focus on the core of deepening the reform of "decentralization and management services". According to the actual work and system requirements of the examination and approval matters, it will carefully compare the examination and approval procedures and procedures, simplify the examination and approval procedures to the maximum extent, and shorten the time limit In order to improve the efficiency of examination and approval, comprehensively promote the "No. 1 application, one window acceptance, and one China Netcom" that can accept the examination and approval items, and create a "service window" that is satisfactory to the masses.

(Xue Ping and Zhao Qingmei)

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