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[Zhongshan District] Huangtupo Sub-district jointly launched the "Mechanism-related Grassroots · Culture for the People" initiative

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Recently, Huangtupo Street, Zhongshan District, in conjunction with Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College, the Municipal Communications Bureau, the Municipal Postal Administration, and the Zhongshan District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, have launched a civilized practice base for colleges and universities in the area under management and a "mechanism-related grassroots · public "Creating Culture" activities, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of "everyone knows about creation, everyone participates in creating".

After the launching ceremony of the event that day, volunteers from various communities in Huangtupo Street and volunteers from various departments participating in the activity jointly conducted a survey of “10,000 cadres entering Wanjia · Chuangwen public opinion poll” in Huangtupo Street. Relevant activities such as household publicity, sanitary improvement in old residential quarters, science and technology popularization, caring for the disabled, caring for the elderly in empty nests, health publicity, and other related activities, help community residents to truly support and faithfully participate in the "Creating a National Civilized City" activity The principle of "ethical skills and serving the society" contributes to the environment of residents, and improves the ideological awareness and understanding of the residents in the community.

The launch of this event aims to guide the general public to start from their own and small things around them, take the lead in grasping the surrounding environmental sanitation, abide by rules and regulations, speak civilized words and do civilized things, and form a respect for civilization, pay attention to etiquette, and observe order 2. Take good care of the society's good fashion and strive to build a "civilized Zhongshan and a happy Zhongshan".

It is understood that the first phase of this event will focus on activities such as “creating cultural atmosphere” and “civilization on duty”, and vigorously create a strong “creating cultural atmosphere”. In the next period of time, the activities will mainly focus on various types of voluntary Service-oriented, continuously improve the awareness, participation and satisfaction of the general public on "creative" work, and continuously improve the quality of civilization and social civilization.

(Wei Qian)

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