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[Zhongshan District] Comprehensive drill for winter and spring security risk emergency response

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Comprehensive exercise scene.

On December 24, the Zhongshan District Emergency Management Bureau and many other units jointly conducted a comprehensive drill for winter and spring safety risk emergency treatment to test the emergency response capabilities and coordination capabilities of various emergency departments.

On the day of the exercise, a simulated "traffic" of a dangerous chemical vehicle following a collision in a section of Fenghuangshan Urban Complex in the Zhongshan District was conducted. The dangerous chemical contained in the vehicle "leaked". The front of the dangerous chemical vehicle after the two vehicles collided The driver's building was squeezed and deformed, and the driver and co-pilot escort were "trapped". After receiving the alarm, the relevant departments immediately initiated a plan for handling traffic accidents. The emergency rescue linkage departments dispatched immediately and rushed to the "accident" scene as soon as possible to quickly carry out on-site vigilance, protection, evidence collection, investigation, rescue, evacuation, and cleanup.

During the drill, from the alarm to the accident scene investigation, the effect of the drill was close to actual combat. Through the exercises, the units have learned from each other, exchanged experiences, learned from each other's strengths, and made common progress. They have truly enhanced their actual combat capabilities, improved their emergency response capabilities and multi-department rapid response and collaboration capabilities, and improved incident handling. The site survey and protection level have achieved the expected results.

"All departments in Zhongshan District jointly launched a comprehensive drill for winter and spring safety risk emergency response. Through simulation drills of dangerous chemical vehicle accidents, they tested the coordination and coordination capabilities of various departments to shorten the time for handling various accidents in the future and ensure the people's The safety of life and property guarantees the overall safety and stability of the economic and social development environment of Zhongshan District, laying the foundation. "Said a person in charge of the Zhongshan District Emergency Management Bureau. (Yin Qiuying and Wang Rongwei)

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