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name: The 53rd Executive Meeting of the Eighth Municipal People's Government Held

The 53rd Executive Meeting of the Eighth Municipal People's Government Held

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On the morning of November 18, 2019, Mayor Li Gang hosted the 53rd executive meeting of the Eighth Municipal People's Government of Liupanshui in the second meeting room of Liupanshui Convention Center. The main contents are as follows:

分析研究我 2019年10月 经济形势,安排部署下一步工作 I. Analyze the city 's economic situation in October 2019 and arrange the next step of deployment

Listen to a report on the development of the Liupanshui Summer Festival in China's Liangdu in 2019

研究《六盘水市乡村振兴战略实绩考核工作方案(送审稿)》 3. Research on the "Work Plan for the Evaluation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy in Liupanshui City (Draft for Review)"

研究《六盘水市国有企业退休人员社会化管理工作方案(送审稿)》 4. Research on the "Working Plan for Socialized Management of Retirees in State-owned Enterprises in Liupanshui City (Draft for Review)"

书面 传达学习全省户籍制度改革推进电视电话会议精神 V. Written communication and study of the province's household registration system reform to promote the spirit of video conferences

News media reports:

The 53rd Executive Meeting of the Eighth Municipal People's Government

(Reporter Li Jia) On November 18th, Mayor Li Gang presided over an executive meeting of the municipal government to analyze and study the city's economic situation in October, and to arrange the performance evaluation of the city's rural revitalization strategy.

The meeting pointed out that all levels and departments should implement the requirements of the "six stability" in accordance with the central and provincial deployments, make stable growth the top priority of the city's economic work at present and in the future, set goals, strive to sprint, and hand over Liupanshui. Qualified answer sheet. We must pay close attention to the key tasks of the "Government Work Report" and key indicators throughout the year, and "check accounts" and "reconciliations" item by item, and go all out to complete the annual target tasks. We must resolutely win the fundamental victory in the year of resolute fighting against poverty, carry out various tasks of "two cares and three guarantees", make every effort to overcome the fortress of deep poverty, and ensure that poverty alleviation and poverty all "zero" are achieved on schedule. It is necessary to strengthen economic operation and dispatch, focus on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, focus on the cultivation and growth of emerging industries, and grow steadily in a larger and stronger industrial economy; solidly advance the rural industrial revolution, do a good job in adjusting the agricultural industry structure, and improve the level of agricultural products processing; Enhance tourism quality, carry out winter tourism marketing, and continuously improve service quality; solidly carry out the "dual service" special action, strengthen the guarantee of elements, and create conditions for the project to be put into production as soon as possible and enterprises to achieve full production capacity. We must continue to fight the "five battles" of defending the blue sky, defending the clear water, defending the pure land, solid waste management, and rural environmental improvement, and promote the continuous improvement of environmental quality. It is necessary to vigorously promote the "investment to solid" project, further promote the large investment in the industry, and strive to expand effective investment. We must make every effort to improve and improve people's livelihood, complete ten livelihood matters without any compromises, do a good job in guaranteeing and supplying commodities during important festivals, take various measures to prevent and mitigate various risks, and strive to maintain a harmonious and stable society. It is necessary to focus on policy orientation, project orientation, and capital investment, highlight work priorities, solicit opinions widely, and do a good job of preparing the 14th Five-year Plan.

The meeting emphasized that the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the countryside is a major decision-making plan made by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. . Departments at all levels must unify ideas and actions to the central and provincial decision-making arrangements, adhere to performance-oriented, highlight work priorities, strengthen inspection and evaluation, and ensure that the work of the rural revitalization strategy is effective.

The meeting also heard a report on the development of the 2019 Liangdu · Liupanshui Summer Festival in China, and conveyed and learned the spirit of the province's household registration system reform and the promotion of video conferences.

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