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Municipal Development and Reform Commission Takes Various Measures to Promote Steady Growth of Investment

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(Wumeng Xinbao reporter Li Jiafeng) The reporter recently learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission that Liupanshui City is keeping an eye on the goals and tasks of the year, taking multiple measures to further consolidate the foundation of work, focusing on the infrastructure of the "Six Network Battle," poverty alleviation, and agriculture with mountain characteristics. We plan to start a number of projects in such fields as pay close attention to effective investment and steady growth.

Pay close attention to attracting investment. Carefully plan a number of large projects and good projects that are in line with industrial policies, financing conditions, and customer needs, and improve the success rate of project investment. Pay close attention to basic work. Do a good job in the preliminary work such as planning, land use, environmental assessment, and stability assessment to ensure that the project starts smoothly and can be stored in the warehouse. Pay close attention to service guidance. Fully implement the approval service “Do it now, do it online, do it the nearest, or do it once”, and further improve the effectiveness of the approval service.

In October this year, 9 new projects with a total investment of 100 million yuan were started, with a total investment of 3.506 billion yuan, with an annual planned investment of 388 million yuan, and an investment of 122 million yuan, accounting for 31.44% of the annual investment plan.

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