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Symposium on Industrial Development in Industrial Parks of the City Held

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(Reporter Li Jia) On December 17, Li Gang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, presided over the industrial development forum of the city's industrial parks to further implement the provincial committee and government's various deployments of the top 100 billion industrial industries and study the city's seven Work related to the development of the entire industry chain.

Sun Wentian, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, Li Li and Huang Jiazhong, deputy mayors attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that advancing the development of the entire industry chain of the seven major industrial sectors is an important measure of the city's implementation of the ten billion-billion-level industrial industry revitalization action. Over the past year, each industrial park has been based on actual conditions and leveraged its resource advantages. It has promoted the development of the seven major industry sectors of textiles, new materials, new energy chemicals, tourism equipment, the Internet of things, agricultural products processing, and modern logistics, laying the foundation for the city's industrial cluster development A solid foundation. Relevant departments at all levels should deploy in accordance with provincial and municipal arrangements, make concerted and long-term efforts, promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, and provide support for the high-quality development of Liupanshui economy.

The meeting emphasized that industry is the leading industry of the national economy. We must adhere to the principle of quality first and efficiency first, and make every effort to promote the development of the industrial economy. It is necessary to sort out the industrial chain in an all-round way, reorganize and analyze each industrial chain, find out the key links, quickly introduce key projects, attract upstream and downstream industries to settle in, and realize the development of the whole chain. It is necessary to plan key projects, make a list of project construction, make every effort to push the project into production, and ensure that industrial development achieves effective results. It is necessary to vigorously carry out large-scale investment promotion of the industry, actively introduce domestic and foreign superior enterprises to settle in, based on existing enterprises to attract upstream and downstream supporting projects, and continuously build a chain of complementary chains. It is necessary to prepare for the matchmaking meeting for the production and marketing of industrial products in the city. Through the government's platform and enterprises "sing and play", enterprises at all ends of the industry chain will meet, supply and demand will be exchanged, banks and enterprises will be further connected, and the real economy will accelerate its development. It is necessary to consolidate and compact responsibilities, improve the working mechanism, strengthen the guarantee of factors, and work hard on projects one by one to ensure that the full-chain development of the seven major industrial sectors next year will achieve greater results.

Luo Zixiang, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, heads of the counties (cities, special zones, districts), the management committee of Liupanshui High-tech Zone, and relevant city units attended the meeting.

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