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Liupanshui Industrial Product Matching Meeting was held on December 21

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(Reporter Li Gaoyang) On December 17, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology that the 2019 Liupanshui Industrial Products Production and Marketing Matchmaking Conference will be held on December 21 at the Liupanshui Convention and Exhibition Center, which will further expand the city's industrial product sales channels and tap local Consumption market, expansion of foreign sales markets, improvement of production, supply and marketing system, and promotion of sustainable and healthy development of industrial enterprises.

It is understood that the theme of this event is “hand in hand” and “face to face” products. Participating companies are mainly industrial enterprises in this city, 88 exhibiting companies, 225 supply and demand connected companies, banks, guarantee companies and other financial institutions. There are 11 participating companies in the surrounding cities and prefectures, and the number of participants is expected to be 400.

According to reports, this production and marketing matchmaking conference will set up a comprehensive promotion area, 2 professional promotion areas, 1 upstream and downstream industry docking area, 3 business docking negotiation areas, 1 financial service docking area, 1 investment promotion service area, 1 consulting service area. The layout of the exhibition area is mainly composed of exhibition boards, video displays and small products. It is divided into 10 sections, which are energy and mining equipment manufacturing and maintenance services, aluminum and aluminum processing, electronics manufacturing, building materials, new basalt materials, new energy, Textile, civil industrial products, industrial ancillary services, water and steel zone. At that time, key events such as product introduction meetings for key products, special upstream and downstream industrial chain docking, production and marketing negotiations, bank-enterprise docking, and centralized signing will be organized around the industrial product production and sales docking work.

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