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The overall situation is stable and the key areas are pushed forward vigorously: An analysis of the city's economic performance in the first three quarters

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□ Reporter Yu Mei

Since the beginning of this year, the city has fully implemented a series of major decision-making arrangements for the central, provincial, and municipal committees, insisting on steady growth as an important goal of economic work, adhered to the general tone of progress while maintaining stability, adhered to the new development concept, adhered to high quality development, With supply-side structural reform as the main line, in the face of increasing downward pressure, a number of targeted and effective measures were deployed and implemented in a timely manner, effectively increasing development momentum, boosting market confidence, and maintaining Good development momentum since the first quarter.

In the first three quarters, the city's regional GDP was 107.672 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5%, a faster growth rate than the same period last year. Faced with increasing downward pressure, what are the reasons for the city's economic operation in the first three quarters to be in a normal and reasonable range? What are the decisive factors behind the continuation of the overall stable growth in the first half of the year? Recently, the reporter visited relevant departments.

Status: Healthy development overall stability

Economic development is generally stable. In the first three quarters, the city's regional GDP was 107.672 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5%, a faster growth rate than the same period last year. Among them, the value added of the primary industry was 11.537 billion yuan, an increase of 5.4%; the value added of the secondary industry was 53.618 billion yuan, Increased by 9%; the tertiary industry added value and completed 42.517 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7%; the value added of industries above designated size increased by 9.6%, fixed asset investment increased by 5.6%, and total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 7%.

Financial risks are generally controllable. The city's hidden debt was 4.392 billion yuan; the assets of some state-owned enterprises and idle assets of municipal administrative institutions were cleared, and the hidden debts of 806 million yuan were repaid through the operating income of state-owned enterprises, and 195 million yuan of hidden assets were disposed of by activating assets. Raise funds through multiple channels to ensure that debts due are repaid on time.

Market demand has effectively expanded. 634 major city-level major projects and key projects completed an investment of 88.26 billion yuan, accounting for 80.7% of the annual investment target; 98 projects received 1.82 billion yuan of funds from the central and provincial budgets; 183 projects were selected into the province's first eight batches of "two lists" "The total investment is 153.534 billion yuan, the planned financing scale is 85.68 billion yuan, the newly-added loan of 32 projects is 5.485 billion yuan, and the newly-approved loan scale of 16 projects is 4.775 billion yuan; 47 private investment projects are publicly introduced with a total investment of 55.97 billion yuan . Wholesale, retail, accommodation, catering and other key industries continued to maintain rapid growth, all ranked first in the province, and the consumer market continued to expand.

People's lives are constantly improving. “Ten livelihood facts” completed an investment of 1.47 billion yuan, which is 84.5% of the annual target task. It distributed 132.3435 million yuan of various types of employment subsidies to guide returnee migrant workers to achieve employment and entrepreneurship of 50,812 people, and issued subsidies to college graduates in need of employment and entrepreneurship 180 Ten thousand yuan, 3,789 non-profit job placements, 27,554 skills training for the poor labor force, 94,500 new jobs in cities and towns, registered unemployment rate of 3.47%; basic endowment insurance for urban employees, basic endowment insurance for urban and rural residents, and unemployment insurance The number of workers covered by work injury insurance reached 379,000, 1.364 million, 193,000, and 274,000 respectively; 8 new primary schools, kindergartens, and kindergartens were newly built, rebuilt, and expanded, and 1,001 village-level clinics in the city were fully equipped and able to carry out Basic business; the provision of temporary subsidy funds of 25.672 million yuan to 8.75 million person-time urban and rural subsistence allowances and extremely poor people, effectively alleviating the impact of rising prices on the basic lives of low-income people.

Analysis: Promote strong vitality

In the first three quarters, the city insisted on overcoming the overall situation of economic and social development by attacking poverty, thoroughly implementing the "five-step work method" with the "five firsts and five afters" approach, insisting on the "five 100%" work methods, and carefully examining and supplementing them. The shortcomings of “one target, two, no worries, three guarantees”, fully implemented the “Spring Breeze”, “Xiaqiu Offensive”, continued to fight “four hard battles”, and implemented “five special governances”. Panzhou City and Liuzhi Special Economic Zone successfully escaped poverty. drop out.

Accurately escaping poverty and conquering the company. We comprehensively solved the drinking water safety problem of 132,400 rural people; 12,510 housing units were relocated and 49,774 people moved to live in poverty alleviation; compulsory education was carried out, and no new dropout students were found in the city. "), Medical insurance for the serious illness of the poor, and" 3 100% "assistance for the serious illness of the poor; 1034 households in rural dilapidated houses have been renovated, and 36,060 households have been renovated through ventilation and rain. The rectification has been completed and the province has feedbacked provincial issues and 102 provincial issues. The first batch of fiscal poverty alleviation funds (development funds) in 2019 had a filing rate of 100% and a reporting rate of 82%. The implementation rate was 100% and the completion rate was 63. %. New breakthroughs have been made with Dalian in terms of mutual exchanges, capital investment and project cooperation; "Thousands of Enterprises Helps Thousands of Villages" have already assisted 378 villages with 378 enterprises.

The effect of industrial transformation and upgrading is obvious. Completed a reduction of 504,400 mu of inefficient corn, which is 100.88% of the planned reduction; 49 acres of 500 acres or more developed 98,000 acres of vegetables, Chinese medicinal materials, high-quality fruits, and special aquatic products; The plantation of thorn pear was 104,200 mu, and the tea plantation area reached 257,600 mu. The total output of meat was 102,300 tons, and the output of eggs was 69,900 tons. 8 coal mines stopped production and resumed production, 17 coal mines were completed and put into production, releasing 8.91 million tons of coal output, 4 coal mines completed mechanized and intelligent transformation; the city completed 43.548 million tons of raw coal, 32.762 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, 2.751 million tons of steel, 6.697 million tons of water; newly introduced 353 key industrial projects, 10 high-tech enterprises, and one of the top 500 enterprises; the "seven major industry sectors" completed an output value of 15.549 billion yuan; the total loss of industrial enterprises above designated size decreased by 37.8 percentage points from the first half The total profit increased by 5.3% year-on-year. New tourism projects and new business formats have been introduced to the market. It is estimated that the total number of tourist receptions will be 44.416 million, and the total tourism revenue will be 36.849 billion yuan, an increase of 34.16% and 37.17% respectively.

The construction of ecological civilization continued to deepen. Twenty-three central environmental protection inspectors provided feedback on provincial issues, and 19 rectifications were completed. Provincial environmental inspection teams assigned 166 letters and visits to all cases; 15 provincial inspection teams responded to issues in our city, and nine rectifications were completed. The Central Eco-Environmental Supervision and Rectification rectification "look back" opinion has involved three issues related to our city. The excellent rate of ambient air quality in the downtown area is maintained at 100%, and it is the only city in the province that has achieved an excellent rate of 100%. It has successfully established a national city black and odorous water treatment demonstration city, and the water quality compliance rate of 17 sections controlled by the province has remained at 94.1%. The water quality compliance rate for centralized drinking water sources above 100% has been maintained.

Goal: Steady words and steady progress

In the first three quarters, although the city's economic operation remained within a reasonable range, there were still many problems, which were reflected in the lack of industrial economic growth momentum, the sharp decline in investment growth, the weakening of the summer heat and avoiding the administration, the continued decline in fiscal and tax revenue, the increase in the outflow of funds, Inadequate support for development factors.

In the fourth quarter, the entire city will follow the unified deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and follow the working ideas of stability and advancement in stability, and take measures to solve the problems one by one and complete the target tasks.

Make every effort to achieve two clearings and resolutely win the resolute battle against poverty. Deeply explore the comparative advantages of the five major poverty alleviation industries and the "one county, one industry" to ensure that the agricultural industry drives the income of 50,000 poor people; comprehensively implement the "two cares and three guarantees" to ensure that the education poverty alleviation funding rate is 100% and the compulsory education poverty student enrollment rate 100%, 100% of the poverty-stricken people who set up a file and participate in (guarantee). Solidly promote the "five special governance", continue to do a good job of poverty alleviation cooperation between the east and west, and do a good job of "clearing" the remaining poor population in Liuzhi Special Zone, Panzhou City, and Zhongshan District (including Liupanshui High-tech Zone), and focus on conquering Shuicheng County The five townships in the north of Hezhong District ensured that 136 poverty-stricken villages in the city were listed and 95,000 poor people were lifted out of poverty.

Make every effort to resolve maturing debts and resolutely hold to the bottom line of financial risks. Further strictly implement the "Seven Forbidden" and "1 + 8" debt management series of policies, and fully promote the implementation of "eight batches" and 14 debt resolution measures; accelerate the work of PPPized debt, asset activation disposal, and platform company transformation Resolutely keep to the bottom line of systemic regional debt risk. Strengthen government investment project management, review project construction conditions; illegal financing guarantees are strictly prohibited. Strengthen the daily business supervision of financing guarantee institutions, small loan companies and equity trading venues, and severely punish financial violations of laws and regulations.

We will make every effort to solve problems and promote growth, and resolutely reverse the decline in investment. Then plan a large number of large and good projects with strong drive and significant benefits. Further improve the project promotion and coordination service mechanism, and promote the early start of new projects and the continued construction of projects to form more workload. Accelerate the construction of the "Six Networks Battle" project, and accelerate the construction progress of the Anli Intercity Railway, Liuzhi Dazhong to Luobei Grade I Highway and other projects. Accelerate the mechanized and intelligent transformation of coal mines, accelerate the undertaking of industrial transfer in the east, accelerate the preliminary work of industrial projects such as Shougang's Shuigang Intelligent Manufacturing System, and comprehensively increase the proportion of industrial investment. Ensure that 634 major projects and key projects have completed investment of more than 110 billion yuan throughout the year, and ensure that 242 major provincial-level major projects and key projects fully complete the provincial tasks.

Make every effort to accelerate transformation and upgrading, and resolutely stabilize the foundation for industrial development. Accelerating the rural industrial revolution, focusing on the city's 12 key and characteristic industries, and deepening the development of the entire industrial chain and the integration of the rural three industries; promoting the adjustment of the industrial structure of 49 dam areas and the integration of regions, agricultural parks, the whole chain, and modern agricultural development , To create a batch of modern agricultural "model fields, science and technology fields, benefit fields." Accelerate the "100 enterprise transformation" project, speed up the coal mine technology reform and mine construction, promote coal-electricity joint ventures, etc., and promote the implementation of the "seven major industry sectors" annual tackling action plan. Accelerate the establishment of provincial-level tourist resorts, and promote the continuous improvement of the quality of tourist attractions in the city.

Make every effort to optimize the business environment and resolutely promote the development of the real economy. Fully implement the national tax reduction policy and vigorously cultivate modern logistics leaders. We will comprehensively implement the reform of "decentralization and management services" and further promote the six special actions of the private economy, and make every effort to promote the healthy development of the private economy and accelerate the growth of private enterprises. Increase the infrastructure construction of water, electricity, roads, and standard factory buildings in the park. Increase the publicity and promotion of "people's liquor", "Panzhou ham" and other brands with regional characteristics and market advantages.

Make every effort to improve people's livelihood, and resolutely increase the mass happiness index. Complete the "Ten Livelihood Practices" in an all-round way, and strive to complete investment of more than 1.74 billion yuan throughout the year. Study the impact of the economic downturn on employment in advance, and ensure that the registered urban unemployment rate is controlled within 4.2%. The “Public Insurance Plan” was further implemented to further improve social security. Efforts will be made to enhance the effective supply of education resources and solidly promote the reform of the rank system. Speed up the construction of administrative village clinics, and effectively improve the medical treatment environment for the masses. With the establishment of the national public cultural service system demonstration zone as the starting point, guide and urge all counties (cities, special zones, and districts) to build a comprehensive grass-roots comprehensive cultural service center.

Make every effort to ensure safe production and resolutely prevent major production accidents. Effectively prevent and deal with emergencies and strengthen winter disaster monitoring and early warning. Continue to conduct major investigations and rectifications in key industries such as hazardous chemicals, coal mines, and road transportation to ensure that production is guaranteed during the "two festivals" in the fourth quarter and that the people's lives are stable and peaceful.

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