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Liupanshui City's Press Conference on Combating Infringement and Counterfeiting in 2019 Held

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(Reporter Li Gaoyang) On December 5, the reporter learned from the 2019 press conference on combating infringement and counterfeiting in Liupanshui that as of now, the city ’s market monitoring system “12315” working agency has received 2,706 consumer claims of various types, due to complaints. 22 cases were filed for investigation and punishment, 90,000 yuan in fines were confiscated, and 1.602 million yuan of consumers' economic losses were recovered.

Since this year, Liupanshui City's Leading Group Office for Combating Intellectual Property Rights and Manufacturing and Selling Fake and Inferior Goods has earnestly implemented the work arrangements of the provincial “doubles” working group, insisted on administration according to law, and took the initiative to promote the effective implementation of the “doubles” work.

In terms of key areas, the relevant departments focused on the network market, rural markets, and import and export sectors, and carried out key rectifications. They launched the "clean wind" action in the import and export link, the protection of spring tea geographical indications, "blue sky 2019", "sword net 2019", Special actions such as the "Iron Fist" operation in the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Among them, a total of 547 (times) agricultural resource markets were rectified, and 729 (times) agricultural capital enterprises were inspected. More than 8,600 kilograms of fake and inferior agricultural capital were seized, with a value of 136,600 yuan, and 40 cases were closed. A total of 68 market entities were spot-checked for administrative purposes. 14 cases were punished, a fine of 3,600 yuan, and more than 25,200 illegal books and 360 audio-visual products were confiscated.

In terms of law enforcement and supervision, up to now, the postal management department has signed security agreements with e-commerce users to inspect a total of 157 postal and courier outlets; the tax department has concluded a total of 9 cases; the market supervision department has investigated and dealt with infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods. In 115 cases, the amount of fines was 1.168 million yuan, and 525 counterfeit Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, 58 bottles of fake wine and 19 boxes of fake medicine were confiscated.

In connection with execution, our city has effectively strengthened work communication and coordination, made great efforts to strengthen the connection between administration and criminal work, strengthened judicial protection, formed a joint effort to effectively combat infringement and counterfeiting, and severely punished infringement and counterfeiting crimes. Among them, the market supervision department transferred 3 cases of infringement and counterfeiting to the public security organs, including the sale of counterfeit Nike and Adidas sports shoes, involving an amount of up to 846,600 yuan; the public security department cracked 12 cases of infringement and counterfeiting, and arrested 6 suspects and the amount involved. 3.33 million yuan, saving 1.92 million yuan in economic losses.

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