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Liupanshui City Press Conference on Combating Fraud and Security in 2019

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(Reporter Chen Yingjun) On December 6, the reporter learned from the 2019 press conference on combating fraud and fraud protection in Liupanshui. Since this year, our city has resolutely implemented the national, provincial and municipal government's arrangements for combating fraud and fraud protection. Adhere to the government's main push, strengthen department cooperation, strengthen style building, draw a standard red line, mobilize mass participation, implement precision strikes, strengthen exposure and deterrence, force departments to perform their duties, and fully promote fraud and fraud protection work to a new level.

The momentum of deception and security has been effectively controlled. As of now, the city's crackdown on fraud insurance coverage has reached 100%, and 834 companies have been dealt with by agreement. Among them, 8 medical insurance services have been suspended and 4 medical insurance services have been suspended. Fund principals and liquidated damages totaled 41.15 million yuan. Seven people were punished, two rewards were redeemed, and more than 20 clues were handed over to relevant departments. The fraudulent behavior of medical institutions was effectively curbed.

The unreasonable expenditure of the medical insurance fund decreased. Taking rural residents as an example, the number of participants and total funding have increased year-on-year. Under the conditions of reimbursement compensation conditions and compensation standards are completely the same, from January to September 2019, 1.267 billion yuan was paid for participating patients. Compared with the same period in 2018, 1.335 billion yuan was reduced by 67.468 million yuan, a drop of 5.1%, and the effect of fee control was obvious.

The people's awareness of reasonable medical treatment was strengthened. Taking rural residents in Panzhou as an example, the number of people compensated in January-September 2019 was 2.207 million person-times, a decrease of 68,200 person-times or 3.12% compared with the same period in 2018. Among them, the number of inpatient compensation was 147,400, a decrease of 15,800 compared with the same period last year, and the inpatient rate was 14.14%, a decrease of 1.75 percentage points; the outpatient compensation amounted to 1,973,300, a decrease of 52,200, a decrease of 2.58%, and the masses were reasonable. Awareness of seeking medical treatment and rational medical treatment has been enhanced.

The cadre's ability level has been tempered. Through the restriction of code of conduct, practical combat exercises to combat fraud and insurance protection, and systematic learning of forced policies, the policy and theoretical level of medical insurance personnel has been further improved, the anti-corrosion and anti-corruption ability of cadres and the construction of work style have been enhanced, and the ability to fight tough battles has been enhanced. The level of ability to win battles has given the recruit in medical insurance a good training.

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