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City Public Resource Trading Center to Optimize the Business Environment Press Conference for Public Resource Trading

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(Reporter Li Gaoyang) On December 9th, the Municipal Public Resource Trading Center held a news conference to optimize the business environment in the field of public resource trading. At the meeting, "Focus on precise services, focus on environmental optimization, and focus on innovation and innovation-Liupanshui City Public The resource trading center made a special release with the "four four" working method to do a good job of business environment optimization and "combination boxing".

Since the beginning of this year, the city's public resource trading center has combined the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, and has thoroughly implemented the national and provincial and municipal “decentralized service” reform work and deployment decisions, and insisted on system mechanisms, resource integration, and process reengineering Multi-pronged and multi-directional efforts, using the "four fours" working method to achieve accurate service "combination boxing", leveraging the high-quality and efficient landing of public resource trading projects "new engine", continuous improvement of service quality and efficiency, continuous optimization The business environment continues to improve social satisfaction.

The "four fours" work method is to reduce the number of acceptance requirements, reshape a group of transaction processes, integrate a service window, and cancel a transaction certificate, and focus on improving service quality with "four ones". To improve service levels and further optimize the business environment; through transaction acceptance "zero push", transaction "zero delay", transaction loop "zero barriers", transaction service "zero complaints", "four zero" to grasp the transaction, Promote transactions, provide "point-to-point" "nanny" services for entry projects throughout the process, and achieve project service complaints of "zero" and poor ratings of "zero"; through "refinement", excellent trading services and "informatization" Optimized trading platform, “flattened” optimized trading organization, and “standardized” optimized trading process, with “three” to capture efficiency and improve efficiency, to achieve more humane services, traceable intra-market trading activities, and resource integration 2. The "double effect" of management efficiency improvement and the "chain-type" standard management of project transactions and the "pipeline" standard operation; through "off-line" to "on-line running" and "out-of-the-box" attacks Point, "zero charge" plus "excellent service", "passive" to "active", "four measures" to reduce the burden and release "dividends", conservative estimates, "four measures" can reduce the average annual burden of market entities 100 million yuan.

According to reports, since the establishment of the city's public resource trading center platform, more than 5,000 public resource projects have been completed with an amount of more than 160 billion yuan, saving nearly 5.4 billion in value-added funds.

In the next step, the city's public resource trading center will promote the "service-oriented" center to consolidate and enhance its efforts and efforts in three dimensions, to be a leader in optimizing the business environment in the field of public resource trading, and continue to open up the "last mile" of service service transaction subjects .

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