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2019 Annual Press Conference of Liupanshui Natural Resources Bureau Held

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(Reporter Zhang Xinzheng) On December 25, Liupanshui Natural Resources Bureau held a press conference in 2019, which informed the completion of the work of Liupanshui Natural Resources Bureau in 2019 and the key work arrangements for 2020.

In 2019, the Natural Resources Bureau of Liupanshui City actively took the initiative to prevent and resolve debt risks. The first is to improve the revision (adjustment) of the control regulations for some plots in the central urban area. Through field investigations, current situation analysis, and special research, we will effectively cooperate with the territorial government to resolve local debt risks, and rationally optimize and revise the nature of 49,538 acres of planned land and economic and technical indicators. The second is to increase land resource reserves. Give full play to the role of the land reserve fund, actively strive for provincial land bail-out funds, support counties, development zones to carry out land acquisition, demolition and construction land application for approval, help platform companies improve land use procedures, and support a total of 326.8 million yuan of funds. A total of 54 construction lands were examined and approved in the city, with a total area of 219.99958 hectares, of which 41 were approved with an area of 9,639,702 hectares. The approved area increased by 15.66% over the same period last year.

Broaden the chassis around solid foundations and take the initiative. Taking the third national land survey as an opportunity, the city's construction land area was 58045.06 hectares, and the cultivated land area was 257312.75 hectares.

Work proactively around the battle against pollution control. Completed the environmental protection inspector's "look back" rectification of problems in Liuzhi Zhongzhu Coal Mine and Xijiabao Coal Mine in Shuicheng County. Carefully sorted out the closed coal mines from 2013 to 2017, completed 29 rectifications, and submitted a third-party mine geological environment status assessment report, and the remaining 13 are urging rectification. The city's green mine construction work is in the forefront of the province. It is expected that the third party assessment of 50 mining companies will be completed by the end of December.

Focus on optimizing the business environment and take the initiative. Achieve the goal of shortening the time for all real estate registrations in the city to within 5 working days, complete the migration of the provincial real estate registration cloud platform, and launch "Internet + Real Estate Mortgage Registration". At present, the city's real estate registration center accepts 36,845 various types of business, with a settlement of 46549, and a settlement rate of 126.33%. (Because it involves the transfer platform, the old system business was concentrated and the settlement volume exceeded the acceptance amount). It received 48,918 person-times of business consultations, issued 17,039 real estate certificates, and 14,633 real estate registration certificates, and the people's satisfaction continued to increase.

In 2020, the Liupanshui Municipal Natural Resources Bureau will further reduce land intensive use, continue to increase efforts in land reserve, and make full use of land assets. Continue to deeply study the relationship among parcels, areas, regions, and cities, scientifically plan all types of urban construction land, release land use value to a greater extent, and proactively provide land security services. Accelerate the preparation of land and space planning, advance the third national land survey in an orderly manner in accordance with unified deployment, actively promote the work of city-level land grading, benchmark land prices, and standard land price updates, and consolidate the city's economic construction foundation chassis. Continue to optimize the business environment for real estate registration, continue to improve the reduction of 5 working days, continue to promote the "Internet + real estate registration" work, cooperate with the Provincial Natural Resources Department to complete the upgrading and reconstruction of the provincial real estate system, and ensure normal business operations and systems.

At the same time, continue to do a good job in natural resource policies to help fight poverty, and win the battle against poverty on time. Continue to promote the policy of linking the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land to support poverty alleviation and relocation, and further increase the production and use of surplus indicators. Organize the preparation of the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" for the prevention and control of geological disasters in Liupanshui, and actively seek the support of the Ministry and the province. Urge all levels and departments to strictly implement the risk assessment system for geological disasters in construction projects and control the risk of geological disasters induced by engineering activities from the source. Continue to build a comprehensive system of “civil defense + technical defense + physical defense + joint defense” for geological disasters, and make every effort to raise the level of comprehensive disaster prevention. Further strengthen the natural resources team's own construction, and strive to build a natural resources professional team adapted to the new era.

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